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SWAP is really a blast - but it's different from other card games you may be used to playing.

Take a few moments to get familiar with the cards, and then read the rules carefully. Simple little twists in the rules make SWAP a ton of fun!


  • 104 Swap Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be first to get rid of all of your cards.


  • Shuffle and deal 10 cards to everybody.

  • Put the rest of the deck face down near the center of the table to form the Draw Pile.

  • Turn over the top card and put it about 12 inches away from the Draw Pile to form the Discard Pile.

  • If the top card is a SWAP card, you, the dealer, designate one of the four card colors to begin play.

  • If the top card is a SUPER SWAP, SLAP, or SWITCH COLOR, ignore what it says in the corner and pay attention only to the color.

Game Play

If you remember only one rule, remember this:

You must always play a card that matches the color of the top card on the Discard Pile -OR- play a SWAP card.

There is only one exception to this rule.

Play starts to the left of the dealer and goes to the left.

Players take turns. On your turn, play one card (which may or may not have special rules) onto the Discard Pile. Once you've played a card and followed any special rules, your turn is over.

If you don't have a playable card, you must draw one from the Draw Pile. If you draw a playable card, play it right away. If it's not playable, keep it and your turn is over.

Swap Cards

They are wild and can be played at any time on any color. When you play a SWAP card, you must swap hands with another player. You choose who.

After you swap, it's up to you to designate a color. You can change the color that was in play, but you don't have to. You may play a SWAP on another SWAP.

Super Swap Cards

They can be played only on their matching colors. If you play a SUPER SWAP card, everybody has to pass their hand to the player next to them.

You decide and say which direction the SUPER SWAP will go, right or left. You may play a SUPER SWAP on another SUPER SWAP only if it's the same color.

Switch Color Cards

They can be played only on their matching colors. If you play a SWITCH COLOR card, you must designate a different color to continue play.

You may play a SWITCH COLOR on another SWITCH COLOR only if it's the newly designated color.

Slap Cards

They can be played only on their matching colors. If you play a SLAP card, all other players (except you) have to quickly slap the Discard Pile.

The last player to slap must draw a card from your hand. You may play a SLAP on another SLAP only if it's the same color.

End of the Game

If you're first to play all your cards and end up empty-handed, you win! No matter what kind of card you play last, once it's discarded, the game is over.

Make Swap even more fun

  • If somebody slaps a card that is not a SLAP card, give some kind of penalty to the slapper.

    You could make the slapper do something like: give you some of their cheese doodles, or stand up and apologize, or draw a card, or you could disqualify their slap the next time a real SLAP card comes up. Think up any penalty you want!

  • If somebody plays a SWAP card, instead of swapping hands, leave your cards on the table and swap seats!

  • Designate a fabulous (although fictitious) prize before each game, like a shiny new bike, a pair of levitation shoes, dinner with the queen, or a trip to the moon.

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