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You are a member of a legendary detective squad, just a few days from retirement. Your only regret: never catching "The Atlantic Seven".

The commissioner's voice booms over your radio: "Atlantic's back! This is your last chance!" If your team can catch Atlantic and his gang before they steal $50,000, you can buy that sweet boat you've had your eye on and retire in peace.

If not, you can spend your golden years seething over the one that got away. Good luck, detectives!


Follow the set-up instructions for a normal game with these changes:

  • Take the "Danny Atlantic" thief card and put it face up on the table next to the board. Place 6 other thieves face down on top of Danny to create a stack of 7 thieves. These are the Atlantic Seven, known as the "Pack". Return the rest of the thief cards to the box.

  • Create a stack of $50,000 and set it next to the Pack. This is known as the "Loot". Put the rest of the money cards in the box.

Players do not receive star ting money in the cooperative game and will not earn money during the game.

Additionally, Pepper Gonzales's special ability has no effect in cooperative mode, so you might want to select someone else as your investigator.

Game Play

Cooperative mode is played the same as a regular game of Stop Thief! except as noted in these rules:

Investigator Rules

  • Each time you make a false arrest, take $1,000 from the Loot and return it to the box.

  • Each time you get a private tip, take $1,000 from the Loot and return it to the box.

  • When you play a card that lets you get a private tip, you do not need to get the private tip (it's optional).

  • Each time the Pack robs a crime scene, take $5,000 from the Loot and return it to the box.

When you get a private tip, you will only receive the first digit of the space the Pack is in.

Thief Movement

At the beginning of the game, the app will tell you the name of

the building the Pack started in but will not give any additional building or street information after that, unless someone gets a private tip. The Pack moves together as follows: • The Pack always starts on a footsteps space.

  • The Pack will sometimes move through a window or door.

  • The Pack may take the subway (sometimes to the same subway station they left from!).

  • The Pack can return to a crime scene they have previously robbed. However, they can only rob each crime scene once. If they return, the app will play footsteps.

  • The Pack may not backtrack or stand still.

Thief effects and rewards are not used in the cooperative qame.

Capturing One of the Pack

When you capture a thief, remove the top card from the Pack and return it to the box. If it was the last card, Danny Atlantic, you win the game.

The Pack does NOT start a new path when caught. They immediately move two spaces. If they move into a crime scene or subway space, you will hear the regular sound; if they move into any other space, you will hear laughter.

The next player will hit the GET A CLUE button as normal at the start of their turn, so the Pack will have moved three spaces from where the arrest was made before that player moves their investigator.


You lose if the Loot ever runs out of money. You win if you catch Danny Atlantic before that happens.

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