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  • Get a private tip: One of your informants can give you information about the thief. Press the GET A PRIVATE TIP button on the app. Remember the information - it's secret and for you only!

  • Pick up all your movement cards: Even seasoned veterans need a moment to catch their breath. At the end of the turn you play this card, pick up all your movement cards (including this one) and return them to your hand.

  • Collect $1,000 from another investigator: Maybe the other investigator lost a bet to you. Maybe they bought your collection of porcelain figurines.

    Either way, it's time to pay up. Choose an investigator; they pay you $1,000 from their own money. If you choose an investigator with no money or if none of the investigators have any money, there is no effect.

  • You may pass through windows: Double jointed? Ex-gymnast? Doesn't matter. When you play this card, you may move onto window spaces during this turn.

  • The first 3 spaces you move on a street are free: You like the outdoors. It invigorates you. On this turn, the first three spaces you move outside a building do not count toward the total number of spaces you can move.

    These spaces can be during any part of your turn and don't need to be in a row. You could move "1, 2, 3, free, 4, 5, 6, free, free, 7, 8, 9".

  • Move another detective 4 spaces: You get a kick out of sending people on wild goose chases. When you use an effect to move another investigator, you move them following the regular rules.

    If you move them onto a subway space, they do NOT move to another subway space.

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