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ACCELERATE - Choose a number: advance all motherships forward that many spaces along the orbital track.

AUGMENT - When activating one station, each extra sundiver present (anyone's, beyond the activating sundiver) increases the base reward (by depth: 1/1/1/2/3).

BLIGHT - Activate one other player's mothership to add 3 sundivers from your reserve into the owner's hold. (Your sundiver must be on a space adjacent to another player's mothership).

Clarification: Activation follows regular activation rules, so this takes your whole turn, and the sundiver used is recalled to your hold. Only one mothership can be activated this way.

On any subsequent move action, you may launch any of the 3 "blighted" sundivers out of the other player's mothership onto the game board in addition to those you launch from your own mothership.

CASCADE - Perform an additional convert action where the sundivers involved are recalled instead of sacrificed.

CATAPULT - Each of your sundivers may move across any one gate for zero movement.

Clarification: Each sundiver gets the free move once and it does NOT have to be all through the same gate.

CEREMONY - Gain one energy for each sundiver you launch into outer orbit from your mothership.

CHAIN - For each sundiver in one connected chain with no loops or branches, the owner of that sundiver gains one free momentum. Recall every odd sundiver.

Clarification: Momentum points are free, no energy required. "Every odd sundiver" means you start from one end of the chain (either is fine) and recall the first, then the third, etc.

"No loops" means: if there is anywhere in the contiguous chain of sundivers where the path could loop back on itself forever, CHAIN cannot be used on any of those sundivers.

CHANNEL - For each card you draw, spend one energy to gain one momentum.

CLUSTER - Twice this turn, you may spend one movement point to fly all of your sundivers in one space as if they were a single sundiver.

Clarification: These moves are entirely separate. In each, move all sundivers in that space to one other space, then continue movement as normal.

DUPLICATE - Double the number of sundivers you build this turn. Extra sundivers cost no energy.

FESTIVAL - Activate all types of stations in any order.

FUEL - Up to 3 times this turn, spend one energy to add 3 movement points.

HATCH - In one space a sundiver of yours shares with another sundiver, replace their sundiver with two from your reserve. Their sundiver returns to their hold.

HYPERDRIVE - If you move only one sundiver, double your movement points and gain one energy for every third space moved.

INVADE - Convert any station into your own by sacrificing 2 sundivers in its space (or 3 for towers). The previous owner receives that many sundivers from their re - serve into their hold. If you don't have a station of that type available, you cannot invade another player's.

JUGGERNAUT - You may fly one of your stations as if it were a sundiver.

METAMORPHOSIS - After activating a station you own, change it to any other station type.

MOTIVATE - Immediately activate a station after converting it (do not draw extra cards).

PASSAGE - Choose one sundiver. For each unique gate it crosses this turn, gain one free momentum.

PILLAR - Before drawing this turn, choose a suit. For each instability card of that suit you draw, gain 3 free momentum.

PORTAL - Your sundivers may launch out of any mothership, and all spaces adjacent to motherships are adjacent to each other.

PROCREATE - Place one sundiver from your reserve into each space containing 2 or more of your sundivers.

PULSE - Activate all stations in inner and outer orbit, no sundivers required.

PUNCTURE - Move one sundiver through a barrier. Sacrifice the sundiver, and place a gate on the barrier where it moved through.

SACRIFICE - As your turn, vaporize all sundivers on one foundry. The owner of each sundiver receives 2 momentum for each of their own sundivers sacrificed.

SQUEEZE - Activate a station you own. If you draw a solar flare, you receive only the base reward and the station is destroyed. Otherwise, double the base and bonus.

SYNCHRONIZE - For each station you activate, gain one free momentum.

TELEPORT - Spend 3 movement points to move a sundiver to any space on the board.

TRANSCEND - Ignore barriers during movement.

TRIBUTE - For each sundiver on one of your stations, the owner of that sundiver gives you one energy.

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