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Q: Wait. How many actions do I aget on a turn?

A: You can do ONE of 3 possible actions:

  • Move: Any combination of the 3 movement options (launch, fly or hurl) within your available movement points.

  • Convert: Only one conversion per turn.

  • Activate: All stations of a single type you have sundivers on.

Q: When I convert a gate, how do I know if I draw cards and how many?

A: Cards are drawn during a gate conversion based on the deepest layer the gate touches.

Q: Do I need a gate from the core to the heart of the Sun in order to hurl?

A: Nope. From the core, you need only spend one movement point per sundiver to hurl into the heart of the Sun.

Q: Speaking of hurling, can I hurl stations for points?

A: IF the JUGGERNAUT instability effect is in play, you many hurl a station as if it were a sundiver.

Q: How do I increase my movement points?

A: Movement points increase for each layer you have a station in. So, if you have 3 stations, but 2 are in the same layer, then your total is increased by 2. Gates are not stations and do not contribute to your total movement points.

Q: Is there a limit to how many sundivers I can launch?

A: Maximum 5 of a player's sundivers are allowed on any one space at any time during play. You many launch/fly/hurl as many as you are able with your movement points.

Q: So only 5 sundivers per space?

A: Up to 5 sundivers per player, so there could be up to 5 times the number of players' sundivers in any one space.

Q: When a solar flare is drawn, who benefits from the activation of all stations in outer orbit?

A: The owner of the station gains the reward, not the player who drew the solar flare.

Q: I have enough energy to complete a sundiver foundry activation, but I don't have that many sundivers in my reserve to bring into the game. Can I pay the full energy amount and bring in the lesser number of sundivers?

A: No. "All or nothing" applies to all supply requirements.

Q: Where can I build stations?

A: Anywhere you can fly! It doesn't have to be at the base of a gate, but it does have to be accessible by the basic "Fly" rules.

Q: Well, what about a tie? Who wins?

A: All players who tie win together and go on to search for life-sustaining energy together. If you don't like that prospect, see what you can do to ensure it doesn't happen!

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