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Genie Ass is a game based on knowledge and guessing, where multiple winners are possible. Race your friends around the board, answering multiple-choice questions over 6 different categories to free the Genie Ass from her bottle! Loads of fun for the whole family.

As an all-play guessing game, everyone gets the chance to answer and win.

With all new categories covering music, television and celebrities, movies, geography and general trivia, each player decides which is the correct answer from the multiple choice questions.

Answer correctly and you will move one step closer to releasing the 'Genie Ass' from her bottle.


  • Playing Board
  • 8 Genie Ass Playing pieces and stand
  • Removable tray for question cards
  • 620 Question and Answer cards
  • 30 Action Cards
  • 32 Answer Tokens
  • 2 x 12 sided dice
  • Rules sheet

Object of the Game

The first player who will able to release 'Genie Ass' from his/her bottle wins the game.

Game Play

Each player starts out by selecting a colored genie to play with.

One player is assigned the starting player role and rolls the category die. This player then asks the other players a question from this category and players place an A B C or D token on the table in answer to the question.

Correct players then roll the numbered die to move along the board.

If no one answers the question correctly, the question-asker wins and rolls the numbered die.

Roll the 'Genie Ass' category for a fun general question that only you can answer.

Watch out for the Genie Bottle square, this could be good or bad for you or another player!

End of the Game

Play continues until one (or more) players land on the winner's cloud at the top of the genie's bottle.

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