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  • a gameboard
  • 500 question cards
  • 8 playing tokes and stands
  • a category die and a movement die
  • rules and instructions booklet


Sort and shuffle the question cards from 4 categories.

Place the cards in the card box and insert the relevant category divider between each category.

The question cards have a yellow and a green side. First, the yellow sides should be played. Once all the yellow cards have been read, you can start with the green sides of the cards.

Similar happens with the questions. First, all top questions must be read, then the rest.

Finally, each player selects a numbered token and places it on the starting square.

Object of the Game

The players must try to land on "the end" on the Smart Ass's butt.

Game Play

A starting player is now chosen and he rolls the category die (colored die). Usually, the oldest smart ass player is chosen to be the reader of the first question.

The color rolled is the category from which the question is to be asked:

  • Orange: Who am I?
  • Green: Where am I?
  • Blue: What am I?
  • Red: Hard Ass.

Then a question is being asked from that category and every player can yell out an answer at any time, but they can do this once.

If their answer is not correct, they are out for that round. If the answer is correct, then that player wins the round.

If no one answers the question correctly after the last clue is given, then the player who asked the question wins the round.

The player who won the round can roll now the numbered die and moves his token according to the number rolled.

At the end of each round, play moves clockwise with the next player asking the next question until the game has been won.

Tie Breakers

Sometimes, two players answer the questions at the same time. Then honesty by players is needed in determining who gets the correct answer out first and the decision is adjudicated by the person who asked the question.

If no player can be separated as the winner, then a tie-breaker question (from the "hard ass" category) is needed to be asked.

The first player to answer this question correctly will win the round.

If none of the tied players can answer the tie-breaker question, then the player who asked the question wins the round.

Special Squares

  • Dumb Ass Square

    The player that rolled the numbered die and lands on the "dumb ass" square is silenced from answering or asking the next question.

    If it was his turn to ask a question, then the play moves to the next person.

    Note: if only 2 players are playing, then the other player gets a free roll of the numbered die and moves up the board. After that, the game continues as normal.

  • Hard Ass Square

    If a player lands on the "hard ass square" after rolling the numbered die, then this player get asked a bonus question from the "hard ass" category.

    Only that player can try to answer this question.

    When the player answers correctly, he gets another roll of the die for a bonus move.

    When the player answers incorrectly, the play resumes with every player back in the game for the next question.

  • Kick Ass Square

    If a player lands on a "Kick Ass" square, he must move his token back 3 spaces.

End of the Game

The first player to land on the target on the Smart Ass's but is the winner.

The correct number rolled is not needed, the player just needs to roll enough spaces to reach "the end".

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