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  • When a player takes a trick, he or she must turn in a token of the appropriate color immediately. The player is not allowed to wait and turn one in later. If a player forgets to turn in a token, too bad!

    For reasons of fairness, however, all players should pay attention to make sure tokens are turned in correctly - and that black tokens are taken too!

  • No more than six black penalty tokens can be assigned in a round. If a player is supposed to take a black penalty token, and there are no more in the center of the table, then she is lucky and does not take one.

  • During the trick prediction phase of the game, a player should always remember that if he takes a trick with Trump (blue) and the trick was led with a different color, either a blue or the lead color token can be turned in.

    Therefore, a player does not necessarily have to take many blue tokens if he possesses a lot of Trump cards (blue).

  • A player might want to try to take the Sluffer whenever he or she possesses very few, or no cards, in one or more colors.

    During the game, if he or she does not have to lead, he or she can sluff off, or even take a trick, to subtly disrupt the plans of the other players.

  • In a three player game, the Sluffer can be very beneficial and may be highly sought after.

    You can choose to make it riskier to take the Sluffer by setting a vlue of 5 penalty points for the Sluffer taker during a three (or more if you choose) player game.

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