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When playing Seikatsu solo, you will lay tiles similar to the regular game, and you will score flower sets from the perspective of your pagoda as usual.

However, you will compete against the combined score of the perspectives of the other two pagodas. Choose a difficulty setting: Easy, Medium, or Hard.

Depending on the difficulty setting you choose, you may count Flocks of birds for yourself, ignore Flocks, or add them to your opponent's score. If your score is higher than the sum of the other two perspectives you win the game.

Set the Garden board up like you would for a 3-player game, placing 3 random Garden tiles on the spaces with flowers adjacent to the koi pond in the center.

If the flowers on these 3 tiles are not all different, discard one of the matching tiles and draw a new one, repeating this process until all three flowers on the board are different.

Return all the discarded tiles to the Cloth bag. Draw a Garden tile from the bag, and take all 4 Koi Pond tiles into your hand.

On your turn, choose one of the following:

  1. Play the Garden tile from your hand adjacent to the last tile that you played.

    Note: On your first turn you may play adjacent to any of the 3 tiles on the Garden board.

  2. 2. Play a Koi Pond tile adjacent to any Garden tile. After playing a tile, score Flocks of birds. How Flocks score is determined by the level of difficulty you've chosen to play:

    • Easy - you score Flocks of birds as in the normal game
    • Medium - Ignore scoring for Flocks of birds
    • Hard - Score Flocks of birds for your opponent

Continue to take turns, tracking score for you and your opponent with 2 Scoring pawns until you have no more legal moves left. There will very likely be empty spaces remaining on the Garden board. Do not fill in these empty spaces.

Score flower sets for your pagoda and add it to your total. Score flower sets for the other two pagodas and add them to your opponent's total. If you score higher than your opponent, you win!

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