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When playing with four players, divide up into two teams. Teammates should sit across from one another. Each team will play from the perspectives of one pagoda, so only the pink and blue pagodas will be used.

Follow the setup rules as normal, except when placing tiles onto the Garden board.

1 Draw 4 tiles and place them on the 2 spaces adjacent to the central koi pond showing flowers, and on the 2 2 spaces adjacent to the central koi pond closest to the green flower.

3 Do not place a tile on the space with flowers in front of the green pagoda or on the space directly across the central koi pond in a straight line from the green pagoda. Follow the setup diagram below.

4 Each player draws 2 tiles, just like in the standard game, and each player takes turns placing tiles. When scoring, players will score for their team, using a single Scoring pawn for the team.

Players may not show or otherwise reveal their hands to their teammates. All other rules are as per the standard game.

4-player Setup

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