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Two archaeologists are competing, trying to find as many Scarabs as possible in one shared Archaeological Site.


  • Take one set of components (1 Frame, 4 Boards, 12 Tiles, and 8 Rocks) and set up the 4 Boards inside the Frame to create an Archaeological Site. Place the Rocks on any open rock spaces.

  • Then, place the site and the Tiles in the center of the table.

  • Shuffle the Mission Cards and place them face down in a pile. Make sure the pile of Scarab Tokens is accessible to both players.

Game Play

  • Taking turns, flip over a Mission Card and place the corresponding Tile on the Archaeological Site following the Layout Rules.

  • When you create an excavation area that contains Scarab Symbols, you score Scarab Tokens following the rules stated under Collecting Scarab Tokens. However, in this variation, you keep the corresponding tokens for yourself in a separate pile.

  • To mark this newly-created excavation area as accounted for, place any unused Scarab Token onto one of its squares. The value of the token does not matter as it is just a reminder.

  • If there is at least one way a Tile can be placed on the Archaeological Site, it MUST be played. In this variation, you have to place a Tile on your turn. If you cannot place a Tile, discard it, then flip the next card over. Continue this way until you can place a Tile.

End of the Game

The game ends when all the Mission Cards have been flipped over. In this variation, the player who went second may have positioned one less Tile than the player who went first.

If that is the case, the player who went second gets one Scarab Token, with a 1-point value, for each Scarab Symbol that is not in an excavation area. Players then add up all their tokens.

Whoever has the highest point total wins the game. Note: After the first game, you may decide to rematch on the same Archaeological Site. To do this, reverse the order of play but keep the order of the Mission Cards.

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