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You are the last remaining descendant of a civilization that was thought to be extinct. Your ancestors left you a mission: ensure the secrets of your people are never discovered!

To do this, you must make sure that any archaeological searches fail. Your goal is to cover all of the Scarab Symbols.


  • Take a set of components (1 Frame, 4 Boards, 12 Tiles, and 8 Rocks) and set up the 4 Boards inside the Frame to create an Archaeological Site. Place the Rocks on any open rock spaces.

  • Shuffle the Mission Cards and place them face down in a pile. Put the Tiles and the Scarab Tokens within reach.

Game Play

To play, flip the Mission Cards over one after another and place the corresponding Tiles on the Archaeological Site as you go, strictly following the Layout Rules.

Remember: You're trying to cover all the Scarab Symbols!

If there is at least one way a Tile can be placed on the Archaeological Site, it MUST be played. If the Tile cannot be placed, discard it.

Continue flipping the Mission Cards and placing theTiles until you have run out of Mission Cards or can no longer play. Then, the game is over.

End of the Game

You win if, and only if, you have covered ALL the Scarab Symbols.

If you fail on your first try, you can flip the Mission Cards over face down, without changing their order, and try again!

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