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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Saboteur Map Swap

Saboteur Rock Gold

Other Variations

Greedy Dwarf

If good dwarves reach the treasure, only those dwarves who have unbroken equipment can share in the treasure cards. We ALWAYS use this variant to spice things up. In this way, there is also a competition among the gold diggers.

Middle Treasure

The middle treasure is placed 1 space further away from the start space (8 away instead of 7), not only making it take longer to reach it, but also making it two spaces away from the treasure spaces on each side.

Also note that we always know exactly how many saboteurs there are. In other words, we don't have an "extra" dwarf card handed out each round.

  • 3 Players: 1 Saboteur, 2 Dwarves, Middle Treasure variant. Saboteur wins 4 gold if successful.

  • 4 Players: 2 Saboteurs, 2 Dwarves, Rest of game as normal, except successful saboteurs only get 2 gold. (This changes the 4 player game from being so heavily weighted in favor of the dwarves to actually weighted toward the saboteurs).

  • 5 Players: 2 Saboteurs, 3 Dwarves, Werewolf variant, Middle Treasure variant. Saboteurs win 3 gold.

  • 6 Players: 2 Saboteurs, 4 Dwarves, Werewolf variant, Middle Treasure variant. Saboteurs win 4 gold.

  • 7 Players: 3 Saboteurs, 4 Dwarves. Werewolf variant. Saboteurs win 3 gold.

  • 8 Players: 3 Saboteurs, 5 Dwarves. Werewolf variant, Middle Treasure variant. Saboteurs win 3 gold.

  • 9 Players: 4 Saboteurs, 5 Dwarves. Saboteurs win 2 gold.

  • 10 Players: 4 Saboteurs, 6 Dwarves. Werewolf variant, Middle Treasure variant. Saboteurs win 2 gold.


By everyone closing their eyes, and then the saboteurs opening their eyes, the saboteurs know who their fellow saboteurs are.

Selfish Dwarf

Regardless the number of players, add always the gold digger with the red jacket to the cards which have to be distributed. That gold digger is a selfish dwarf: he can only win if he is able to establish himself the final connection to the gold nugget. In that case, he gets 4 gold points while the other players get nothing at all.

If another gold digger establishes the final connection, the selfish dwarf is skipped during the distribution of the gold points. Distribute one card less than the number of players.

No more Gold

Don't play just 3 rounds, play until the gold runs out, and in the last round that can mean even some good dwarves go without, so you need to play your cards carefully (which also helps the saboteurs).

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