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This is a collection of mini-expansions for Saboteur 1 & 2.

Rebuilt Tunnels(6x)

Rebuilt tunnels cards can only be played [u]on top[/u] of already played cards so they change the configuration of the tunnel...or not.

As usual, the paths on all sides of the card must fit those already in play. Rebuilt tunnels can also be rebuilt. "Cave-in" cards played on them remove all cards, leaving a 'hole'.

Traps (2x)

Traps are played as any other tunnel card during the game.

The next card played in this tunnel will force its player to reveal his/her character to the rest.

Monsters!! (5x)

Monsters are played as any other tunnel card during the game.

Monsters block all cards within a distance equal to the number shown on the card in any direction along the tunnels.

They can also cross doors. Therefore, none can place a tunnel cards if a monster can reach it or reach the card from which it was "caved", nor reach an exit (or chest or any other target for that matter) at the end of the game if the way there is blocked by a monster, nor can the geologist pick those jewels blocked by a monster. The only exception to this is another monster card.

Monsters can be placed as close at each other as desired. Any monster immediately kills any other monster(s) at reach. Only one or both monsters may die according to their positions.

Monsters can be:

  • trapped with 1 "trapped" card. They can be set free later, though.

  • killed with all 3 different "broken" cards, with 1 "Cave-in" card or by another monster.

If a monster is trapped or killed, its card is NOT removed from the game and dwarves can dig further. Place a token on the monster to mark it.

Chests (3x)

Chests are played as any tunnel card. As soon as any chest is available in the tunnels, ANY player playing a jewel card MUST bring 1VP token from that card to the chest of his/her choice. Tokens will accumulate there. If the way to all the chests is blocked, then nothing is done.

At the end of the game, teams share those VPs in their chests. Every player in a team must get the same amount of points (rounded down).

Any VP left is descarded. All tokens stored in all chests which are not reachable at the end of the game will be shared by the saboteurs.

Exits (3x)

Exits are played as any other tunnel card during the game. After the game ends (no matter if the golden nugget is reached or not) each non-saboteur player can still earn 1 extra VP if they're able to reach an exit from any ladder. Door rules and monsters apply here. Players in prison cannot escape the tunnels.

If no player can reach an exit then each saboteur gets +1 PV.

New Action Cards (3x)

Frying Pan

Play it on yourself to draw an extra card (nom nom nom!) or play it on another player to force him to discard 1 card of his choice (ouch!).

Magic Potion

Ask a "Yes or no" question to another player. That player must say the truth. (Optional: players can lie but if they are later discoverd will loose 5 VP)). Such as: "Are you a blue dwarf?", "Is this card the golden nugget?"


Works like a map shared by 2 players. Watch secretly one of the destiny cards. Then choose another player and show him secretly that card.

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