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  • Game base (2 pieces) with frame
  • 48 Tile Frames
  • 48 Colored Tile Squares
  • Scrambler
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Race to slide your colored tiles and be the first to complete the pattern shown on the Scrambler.


Move the frame to the upright position. Randomly place four tiles of each color in the trays on either side.

There should be a total of 24 tiles and one empty space in each tray.

Game Play

1. Shake the Scrambler

Place your hand over the Scrambler and give it a good shake to mix up the cubes. Keeping the Scrambler covered by your hand, shake it from side to side to settle the cubes into place.

2. Reveal the Pattern

Place the scrambler next to the game to reveal the pattern and begin the race! Note: If more than 4 squares of the same color appear in the Scrambler, just shake it again to create a new pattern.

3. Start Sliding

Players slide their tiles until the nine in the center of their trays match those in the Scrambler.

The border row of tiles around the central pattern does not count in this game. Each player must copy the pattern as seen from his or her position, not sideways or upside-down.

End of the Game

The first player to match the pattern slams down the frame and wins.

The winning player shakes the scrambler to start the next race.

Variants to play

Relay Race

Using all 24 tiles, start with a random arrangement and your way through these four patterns in sequence.

Three Color Contest

Trade tiles with your opponent so you each have eight tiles of three colors and race to create these patterns.

Cube Challenge

Try replacing the Scrambler with a Rubik's cube (sold separately) showing a random arrangement of colors (no more than four of each color on the sides facing the players).

Each player must copy the pattern on the side facing him or her.

Reinvent Rubik's Race

There's no need to stop here. Use your imagination to create different patterns and make up your own rules so you can play your personal version of Rubik's Race.

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