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Flip it, fold it, bend it, roll it. Watch the designs on RUBIK'S Magic move through a captivating kaleidoscope of patterns.

Tackle the challenging puzzle of RUBIK'S Magic. See if you can change 3 free-floating rings into 3 linked rings, while turning RUBIK'S Magic into unique shapes and 3D figures.

There's more! Fold and unfold the panels into a tantalizing array of shapes. From the 8-Point Star to Mouse in the Hole, each shape is a challenge of visual thinking and creative fun!


  • 8 panels connected with a filament
  • Rulebook

Game Play

RUBIK'S Magic is made of 8 panels connected with a filament similar to fishing line.

Each panel is printed on both sides with different designs. No two panels are the same.

The puzzle begins with 3 free-floating rings on a 2x4 rectangle.

The solved puzzle shows 3 linked rings in a 6-sided shape.

When RUBIK'S Magic is open flat, the designs for the free-floating rings are always on one side, and the designs that make up the linked rings are always on the other side.

Strands of filament criss-cross the panels and hold them together at the edges. The strands act like hinges, letting you move the panels around each other.

The panels can be flipped, folded, layered and rolled back to front, side to side, and top to bottom.

As you move the panels, you'll see that they always stay hinged on at least one side, although the hinged side constantly changes.

NEVER force a hinge or twist the filament.

RUBIK'S Magic is solved with simple folding and flipping sequences.

Stop if you feel resistance from RUBIK'S Magic when trying any move. See if folding or flipping the panels in another direction works more easily.

Do not twist the panels or pull the filament out of its track. If the panels shift out of alignment, adjust them gently until they're back in place.

Basic Magic

You only need 3 easy moves to work with RUBIK'S Magic. Use these moves to solve the spellbinding puzzle by turning 3 free-floating rings into a linked chain.

With the same moves, you can mold RUBIK'S Magic like a magician's rope into a potpourri of fascinating shapes.

FLIP by turning a single panel or set of panels up or down, over other panels.

FOLD by pushing 2 rows of panels together so that their flat sides touch.

OPEN by pulling apart a top and bottom row of panels to make a 3-dimensional figure.

Magic Sequences

Here are some key ways to use the basic moves. With these sequences you should be able to solve the challenge.


  1. Fold RUBIK'S Magic in half.

  2. Then open it, holding the centers of the top and bottom rows in different hands.

  3. Pull your hands to the side in opposite directions while closing RUBIK'S Magic to complete the roll.

  4. You can do a HALF ROLL, moving the top over by 1 panel, or a FULL ROLL, moving it over by 2 panels.


  1. Flip both ends up and in, making a 2-layered square.

  2. Unfold the 2 bottom sections, perpendicular to your first flip. The original pattern has reversed itself.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the same side up to restore the pattern to its original design.

Wallet Stack

  1. Flip both ends down and under, making a 2- layered square.

  2. Flip half of the square down and under to make a 4-layered stack. (If RUBIK'S Magic resists, unfold the square, turn it over, and try again).

  3. Hold the top and bottom layers in the middle and pull RUBIK'S Magic open. The puzzle will expand and form a flat, 2-layered strip.

  4. Open the strip by folding out the top or bottom layer.

The Changer

  1. Start with RUBIK'S Magic as a 2x4 rectangle. Flip the right end up and over.

  2. Flip the top right corner up and over, toward you.

  3. Flip the top right end up and in.

  4. Flip the top 2 panels closest to you up and over. The side away from you should now have three panels stacked in the center.

  5. Flip the top center panel up and over to stack onto the top right corner.

  6. Flip the remaining top layer up and out. Shazam! The puzzle is now in the proper shape for the solution.

    Do the steps in reverse to return to the rectangle shape.

Magic Hints

If the free-floating rings get rings mixed up, alter- nate the REVERSE and WALLET STACK sequences to restore them.

If you end up with one of these patterns, use the ROLL to restore the rings.

To solve RUBIK'S Magic, first turn the free-floating rings into the pattern below.

Extra Hint: Do a REVERSE, next, FOLD RUBIK'S Magic in half, and then do a HALF ROLL.

Magic Shapes

8-point Star

  1. Start with RUBIK'S Magic as a rectangle. Push it into an M-shape so that it folds a flat four- layered stack.

  2. Spread out the panels into an eight-pointed star


  1. Start with RUBIK'S Magic as a rectangle. Fold it in half to form a square, keeping your right thumb inside the fold.

  2. Slip your fingers into the hinged edge on the left to open RUBIK'S Magic into a chimneystack.

If RUBIK'S Magic resists, unfold it, ROLL or REVERSE it, and try again.

Mouse in the Hole

  1. Start with RUBIK'S Magic as a rectangle. Fold it partway to make a long L-shape, with the bend away from you.

  2. Push the bottom center panels up and the back center panels out, while pushing the ends together.

  3. Pull your hands in to open up the hole. Wiggle your finger inside it to make the mouse.

Magic Challenges

Enjoy hours of Magic fun as you try out these shapes and figures, and discover more on your own.


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