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  • 1 Rubik's 360
  • Stand
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Take on the challenge and put your own spin on RUBIK'S 360!

Just tilt and turn the sphere to get all six colored balls locked into place, that's all there is to it!

Game Play

What you do to solve it is up to you, but here are a few tips and tricks...

  • RUBIK'S 360 is made up of three clear spheres.

    Tilt and turn the game so each colored ball falls into the outer- most sphere and then rolls into its matching "dome".

  • There are two holes in the second sphere.

    Each of these only leads to one hemisphere of the outer sphere. If you are aiming your ball for a color on the top of the sphere, make sure you send it through the correct hole.

    Otherwise, you'll have to knock the ball back into the first sphere.

  • After you guide each ball into its matching hole, use the black knobs to lock the ball into place.

    Then move on to the next ball! Once you have all six balls in the correct holes- you've solved it!

It sounds easy, but it's not! How quickly can you master it?

Solution Tips and Tricks

  • Both spheres have a weight opposite their holes.

    These weights mean gravity ensures the holes will remain above the axis of rotation, and the balls will be below it.

  • By understanding how the axis of rotation of each sphere works you can overcome the force of gravity and invert the spheres to allow the balls to drop through the holes.

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