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Rollick! is a hit party game that's a fast and furious version of an old favorite.

Unlike traditional Charades - one person acting out clues for the other players to guess - ROLLICK! changes things up so the entire team works together to act out clues for one or more players to guess.

It's a hysterical, fun, fast-paced, team competition game that's an absolute riot at parties, family gatherings, work events, holiday celebrations, with friends, and Is even loved by teenagers!


  • 378 Cards (756 Clue Words)
  • Timer
  • Rules Sheet
  • Score Pad
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Teams earn points by working together to act out the clues shown on the ROLLICK! cards. The team earning the most points wins the game.


You need at least 6 players to play ROLLICK! Split into teams of three or more players. Choose team names and write them on the score pad.

Game Length

A Round is complete when both teams have taken a tum acting out the clues given.

  • 3 Rounds - approx. 15 minutes
  • 5 Rounds - approx. 25 minutes Never want to stop? - Unlimited Rounds

Game Play

Choose the side of the cards you want to use. Play one side for the entire game or mix and match

  • The BLUE side - easier clues
  • The RED side - more difficult clues

Choose a team to go first. Each team selects a guesser (or multiple guessers based on the size of the group - see ROLLICK! variations) and the rest of the team acts out the clues for the guesser.

A player from the opposite team holds the clue cards for only the actors to see and starts the 1-minute timer. For each new round, each team selects a new guess«r(s). Everyone must take a turn as a guesser.

Each team has one minute to guess as many clues as possible. The clues must be guessed with exactness. If members of the acting team don't like a clue, they can pass - but only one pass per round.

Teams will lose a point if a player speaks or "mouths" any clues to each other or the guesser. Use of objects, team members, and props is encouraged.

The non-acting team(s) is called the audience team for that round. The audience team's players are not allowed to make any noise (other than laughter) while the timer is running for the acting team. Teams that work well together will have greater success.

End of the Game

Each correct guess counts as 1 point.Tally the points earned by the acting team after each round and write it on the provided score pad.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


Before the final round, tally up the points and the team with the least amount of points- will go first in the final round.

This will allow the team in the lead the earned advantage of knowing how many points are needed to win the game.

If the game ends in a tie, continue onto Speed Round ROLLICK! (see ROLLICK! variations) to determine the winner.


Groups of 12+

ROLLICK! is a fantastic game to play with large groups - the more the merrier! Break into teams of 8-10 people. The only thing that changes with large groups is the number of guessers each team will have. Determine the number of actors and guessers and play as normal. Suggestions:

  • Teams of 6 - (4 actors, 1 guessers)
  • Teams of 8 - (5 actors, 3 guessers)
  • Teams of 10 - (6 actors, 4 guessers)
  • Teams of 12 - (7 actors, 5 guessers)

Less than 6 players

ROLLICK! can still be played with less than 6 players. Each player will be on his or her own team. One player will hold the clues and the remaining players will act for the guesser.

The guesser will score 1 point for each word guessed correctly. Each player will take a turn as the guesser.

No Pass Rule

Some clues require more collaboration than others. Try implementing a "no pass" rule requiring teams to creatively work together without the ability to pass to another clue.

Alternative to No Pass Rule - Allow each team 3 passes for the entire game. Tally these on the score pad. If a team chooses to use all 3 in one round, they may do so, but they won't have passes to use in future rounds.

Speed Round Rollick - Head to Head

Each team will select who will be the guessers) for their opponents (this is a chance to remove good actors). Use the same number of guessers you've used all game.

Each team randomly selects 5 cards from the ROLLICK! deck. Teams will compete head-to-head until their 5 words are guessed. No passing is allowed in Speed Round Rollick!

Playing with Younger Children

Use the Blue-sided cards. It might be necessary for an adult to pre-select words that are "easier" for children to act out

Hint Before each round, take the acting children out of the room and explain the words they will be acting out.

Additional Party Suggestions

Play your favorite music between rounds as teams switch positions. Music gets the crowd dancing and clapping. Be sure to tum the music down when the round starts.

Post the current score on a large whiteboard to follow which team is In the lead throughout the game.

Make your own ROLLICK! Champions Trophy to be kept and proudly displayed by a member of the winning team until the next time the group gets together to play ROLLICK!.

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