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This variant is designed for solo play. To either add more players, or difficulty, simply add an additional Zombie phase, and Zombie Starting Zone, for each additional player. I have been using the minis from my Zombies!!! game for this.

There are two types, which works great with this, and there's a ton of them.

The Story

Haiti - 2015 Apr 4. The United States Department of Defense has been informed of unusual activities that had originated in the Cité Soleil commune of Port-au-Prince, and have begun to manifest themselves in the city of Miami and its surrounding areas.

Sightings of persons described to be "the living dead" or "zombies" have been reported. When encountered, these individuals are aggressive and violent to an extreme.

Three separate instances of these encounters have been reported to the Dade City Sheriff's Office over the course of the weeks of 2015 March 12 to 2015 March 28.

Soon after the latest report, rumors were being heard of a sociopathic, and apparently psychopathic, individual among the Haitian diaspora of the so-called Lemon City of Miami causing unrest among the locals. This person is said to have caused the death of four young men who had attempted to confront him.

According to reports, the individual, known only as The Hougan, had used some form of chemical agent to blind and then subdue the men.

The substance, which contains mixtures of several highly toxic hallucinogens (including scopalomine hydrobromide, atropine sulfate and psilocybin) and still unidentified plant-based substances, cripples the central nervous system, and renders the victim into a coma-like state resembling death.

Due to the length of time after the administration of the substance being over 3 hours before the victims reached medical facilities, all four of the men were deceased within an hour of arrival.

Autopsies were not conducted, as the hospital staff misplaced the bodies soon after death.

The individual known as The Hougan fled the locale at which the incident occurred, but has been traced to an abandoned funeral home in the Alladin City suburb of Dade County.

Reports of mass hysteria are being sent by the Miami/Dade government, and a request for Federal intervention has been made. Local police have responded to looting and rioting, with as many as 200 deaths at current count.

We will be responding with a team of special forces to survey the situation, and remove the threat of the individual called The Hougan. The team will land two kilometers south of the Deering Estates (25.55, -80.30) to initiate the operation. Further orders will be given on an as needed basis.



Zombies have their own set of phases.

  1. Move
  2. Spawn Zombies
  3. Combat
  4. Second Move (newly spawned only).

Due to the nature of the way zombies continually spawn, there is a second Move step, which can only be utilized by the newly spawned zombies, as well as the fact that Zombies do not use cards.

Movement rules remain the same as those for the Human squads, with the caveat that all movement must be in the direction of the closest Human squad.

There are also always four Uber Zombies on each Zombie Starting Zone.

Zombie Types

There are two types of Zombies: Regular and Uber. Regular Zombies have no special traits. Uber Zombies allow for usage of the upgraded defense dice per Uber Zombie in the Horde.

The same two die maximum extends to Zombies.

Note: Due to the fact that Zombies do not use cards (noted in 2.1 above), the human Support unit is able to downgrade one defense die per Support unit in a squad beyond the first.

Zombie Hordes

A group of Zombies is called a Horde. There can be up to six (6) Zombies in an individual horde. They can be any mix of Regular and Uber Zombies.

Zombie Attacks and Defense

Zombies always attack with the upgraded dice.

When a Zombie Horde attack results in one or more unblocked hits, the defending squad does not simply remove that number of units. Instead, it replaces the hit units with Regular Zombies.

These new Regular Zombies are then moved to an adjacent Horde. If all adjacent hordes are full (at their maximum of 6 Zombies), then the new Zombies are moved to the next available zone with a Zombie Horde containing less than 6 units.

Note: See Section 2.2 for Uber Zombie bonuses to defense dice.

Zombies DO NOT get cover bonuses, nor can they use the Air/Tank options.

Spawn Zombies

Zombies are spawned as dictated by a 1d6 roll. When spawned they always spawn in their Zombie Starting Zone. In a single player game, there is one Starting Zone for the Zombies. Adjust the number of starting zones to equal the number of players.

D6 ResultNumber and Type of Zombies Spawned
1 - 2Spawn 2 Regular Zombies
3 - 5Spawn 2 Regular Zombies and 1 Uber Zombie
6Spawn 2 Regular Zombies and 2 Uber Zombies

End of the Game

To win the game, the Player(s) must advance to each Zombie Starting Zone and destroy the four Uber Zombies on the zone.

Doing so allows them to take out The Hougan (all Zombie Starting Zones must be cleared, as the Hougan is only at the final location).

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