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Object of the Game

To capture all opposing headquarters while still controlling your own territory.

If you wish, you may shorten the game even further:

  • 4 players: Capture any 2 opposing Headquarters while controlling your own.

  • 5 or 6 players: Capture any 3 opposing Headquarters while controlling your own.


  1. After deploying your armies at the beginning of the game, select one of the territories you've claimed and make it your "Headquarters".

    Then, without revealing the territory you've chosen, find its matching RISK card and place it face down in front of you.

  2. After everyone in turn has selected a Headquarters, all players turn their cards face up to reveal the location of their Headquarters.

Game Play

All original Risk Rules apply, with these additions:

  • If you capture an opposing Headquarters, place the Headquarters card you've won face up in front of you to prove you've captured it.

  • If at any point your Headquarters is captured by an opponent, you are not eliminated from the game.

    Simply give your card to that opponent and continue playing and try of course to recapture your headquarters.

  • You may NOT use a Headquarters card as part of a matched set of Risk cards.

    Be sure to keep all Headquarters cards out of the way during the game.

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