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Use all the equipment of the World Domination game, plus the 12 Mission cards. These cards give each player a different mission. This game is suitable for from 3 to 6 players.

Object of the Game

To be the first player to complete the Mission described on your own Mission card.


  1. Select a color and, count out the "armies" you will need to start the game.

    • If 3 are playing, each player counts out 35 Infantry.
    • If 4 are playing, each player counts out 30 Infantry.
    • If 5 are playing, each player counts out 25 Infantry.
    • If 6 are playing, each player counts out 20 Infantry.

  2. Before the game begins, select one player to be the General. If fewer than 6 players, the General removes the Mission cards that refer to the unused colors.

  3. The General shuffles the Mission cards and deals one card face down to each player.

    The remaining Mission cards are put back in the box.

    Nobody, including the General, can look at them.

  4. The General removes the 2 Wild Cards from the deck of RISK cards, shuffles, and deals out all the cards. (With 4 or 5 players: 2 players will each receive one extra card).

    These cards determine which territories each of you will occupy at the beginning of the game.

  5. Each player places one army on each of his or her territories.

    When you've done this, go around the table in turn, placing another army on each of your territories.

    There is no limit to the number of armies that can occupy a single territory.

    Continue this until all troops have been deployed across the map.

  6. The General now collects the Risk cards, replaces the 2 Wild Cards, shuffles them and puts them face down to the side.

  7. Game play continues as in the standard Risk game.

Available Missions

There are 14 different missions:

  • Occupy 18 territories with at least two armies in each territory.

  • Occupy 24 territories with no restrictions.

  • Kill a certain color. There are 6 of such mission (one for each color). When there are less players, then you have to remove the unused colors from the deck. When you draw your own color, you must then occupy 24 territories.

  • Conquer combinations of continents:

    • Asia and South America
    • Asia and Africa
    • North America and Africa
    • North America and Australia
    • Europe and South America and a 3rd continent of your choice
    • Europe and Australia and a 3rd continent of your choice

When completing your mission?

You can choose the rule for mission completion. There are three options.

  • You can only win at the beginning of your go (will tend to make continent missions harder). (unofficial rule).
  • You can only win at the end of your go. (official rule).
  • You can only win a full turn after revealing your mission and maintaining its conditions in the interim. (unofficial rule).


The player who completes his or her mission first wins. He must ofcourse show that card and prove it.

It's sometimes said that you have to hold your victory condition for a full turn, but this is not an official rule.

Important note: In Secret Mission Risk, it is possible that you will accomplish your mission with the help of another player.

For example: if your mission is to destroy all the yellow troops and another player destroys them.

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