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Rating: 0 Unknown
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Created by: Ivan Moscovich

Published by: Educational Insights


The Puppies at the Park have been playing all day long and now they need a snack!

Shake the Dog Bowl Randomizer to find out which playful pup gets a bone. Then, search the board for the matching dog. Find the Pup with the matching colors first and give it a bone.

Find and feed five dogs, and you win in this four-legged find-it game? Sharpens visual discrimination-a key pre-reading skill-and boosts concentration and focus!

When he's not busy inventing board games (Ready, Set, WOOF! is his 105th!), Ivan can be found playing a different kind of game-tug of war with his daughter's Chinese Sharpei, Lola!

From Wolfie and Punk to Basco and Lola, there have always been dogs in Ivan's family. Wolfie, Ivan's first dog, is even a key player in his published autobiography, The Puzzlement.

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