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The puppies at the park have been playing all day and now they need a snack! Shake the Dog Bowl Randomizer to find out which playful pup gets a bone.

Then, search the board for the matching dog. Find the hungry puppy first and give it a bone. Find and feed five dogs first, and you win this four-legged find-it game!


  • Game board
  • Dog Bowl Randomizer
  • 20 Dog Bones
  • Game guide

Object of the Game

The first player to get rid of all five dog bones by finding five correct pups is the winner!

Game Play

  1. Each player takes five dog bones.

  2. The youngest player shakes the Dog Bowl Randomizer first to display the colors (fur and collar) of the dog you're looking for. There are 30 color combinations-no two dogs are alike!

  3. All players scan the game board for a dog that matches what the Dog Bowl Randomizer displays.

  4. When a player spots the dog, he/she puts a dog bone on top of it.

  5. If it's correct, that player puts that dog bone in the box. If the player makes a mistake, play continues until someone finds the correct dog.

  6. Play continues. Take turns shaking the Dog Bowl Randomizer.

End of the Game

The first player to get rid of all five dog bones is the winner!

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