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At the start of the game, select one of the following configurations, or even design one of your own! Position the City boards, the Bridge, Tunnels and Blocked Track markers as shown.

Every group of players is different. We recommend no more than 10 minutes for a game with two players. Subtract at least one minute for each additional player.

Example: nine minutes max for three players. Ideally, when time runs out on the clock, each city will STILL have one or more cubes that were never loaded onto a train. In real life, there is a constant supply of cargo still to be shipped.

The group's goal should be to beat their best score from a previous round for a given setup, then increase the difficulty when you are ready. You can also use this basic formula to help in building your own custom setups!

2-player Point to Point

2-Player "H" to "I"

3-player Point to Point

3-player Circle

4-Player "H" to "I"

5-player Point to Point

6-player Figure "8"

6-player Circle

6-player Point to Point

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