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Q1. What if someone forgot to turn the wheel, or turn it incorrectly?

You can use the start marker to check if someone has turned the wheel incorrectly.

Everyone should have their start markers next to the same number; simply turn all incorrect wheel accordingly. The time marker will not be moved during the game. Only turn the wheel.

Q2. Clandestine Trading is so hard! How should I price my offer?

The best reference is your own trading record. If your offers keep getting bought back by other players, then your price is too low. If you always get to buy what you want, then you probably offered too much money.

You need to keep trading with other players to explore what kind of prices they have in mind.

Q3. What if all players go bankrupt at the same time?

Then you all lose and nobody wins.

Q4. I offered a Clandestine Trade, but the envelope is returned, and the amount of money within is incorrect. What should I do?

You should tell that player the amount is wrong, and return the envelope to that player to make up for the difference. Do not reveal any information about the price to other players when you do so.

If the player is not sure about the correct price, then you should take the money you used to set the price from the envelope, and return the envelope to give back the remaining cash.

Then you start over with an empty envelope, and set the price again to make the offer to the same player.

Please remember the price during a Clandestine Trade.

Q5. Can I use a calculator? Can I take notes?

You are free to use calculators, but that doesn't really help. Strangely, players using calculators tend to have a higher chance of losing & bankrupting.

You are encouraged to take notes during the game. Sharing what you have observed with other players will be an interesting experience.

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