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Here are a few cards that we think deem a little extra attention.

Carob Bean

Yup, the Rats still like to eat these. Place one of these on another Captains CM and they'll scamper off to eat the bean. Too bad for that Captain.

Place the Carob Bean card and the CM into the discard pile.


Lures away more that one CM from other crews to your crew. You can lure 2 away from the same Captain or 1 from 2 different Captains. As this card is a Charisma card you want to use it before someone steals it away with the Chrisma Theft card.

You get the +2 charisma points AND can lure from two crew members to your crew.

Here is an example of how to use the Charm card:

When luring crew members to your crew add up the total amount of charisma points you have to use - including the charm card if you have it. Let's say you have the charm card and a cutlass. You have: 3 charisma points for the captain, 2 for the charm card and 2 for the cutlass for a total of 7 charisma points.

You could used these 7 points to lure 2 different crew members to your crew or to lure 1 crew member with a higher loyalty. The captains charisma is only added once to the total of all the charisma points used to lure crew members.

Using the above example of 7 points you could lure 1 crew member with a loyalty of ( - 1) using 3 of the charisma points and 1 crew member with a loyalty of (0) using the remaining 4 points.


Not enough combined strength on your crew? Just kidnap a CM from another Captain - even if it's protected! Oh, and don't forget to turn the card sideways if you're still in phase 5,

We wouldn't want you to lose your newly acquired CM. They're protected just as if you had lured them away.


This must be played directly from your hand. It blocks the Charm card. Here's how it works:

Allow the player that is using the Charm card to explain all that he is going to do, who he is going to target and what cards he is going to use to make this happen.

Then, when he thinks he is done, play the Mirror card on the Charm card.

Not only will he not be able to lure CM away from other Captains but all the Charisma cards he was going to use, including the Charm card, are placed in the discard pile along with the Mirror card. (Spells are a reference to a future expansion).


This is used to make one of your CM double his strength. Usually you want to use this right before you loot a Pie.

Once this card is attached to a CM it can not be moved. If your CM is not used to loot a Pie then this simply stays on the table with the CM it was assigned to.

If another Captain lures this CM away the Spinach card goes with him. Since a Captain is never discarded, the Spinach card CANNOT be used on a Captain card. It is for CM only.

Charisma Theft

This is used to steal any Charisma card from another Captain.

It must be played during Phase 2 - however, it can be played out of turn during phase 2 meaning that you can wait until all players have placed their Charisma cards on the table before deciding to use it.

After all, you do want to see what your options are in order to steal the best Charisma card!

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