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Below is a step-by-step guide of examples to set-up each of the four winning plays. There are many ways to build towards each formation, though we've just shown one example of each play below, except in the Triple Power Play, which is so verstaile that it cannot adequately be illustrated with just one example.

Remember that Pentago is both simple and complex at the same time, which means that it is always good if you can use a measure of deception in disguising your moves, or forcing your opponent to play defense while you build a better positional advantage.

To keep things simple, only one players marble color is shown in the examples, to illustrate how the set-up works. The idea is to build towards these positions, starting with the opening moves and throughout the game. Just remember to defend against your opponent doing the same.

  1. Build this set-up.
  2. On your turn, place a marble at position 1/3, indicated by the arrow.
  3. On the same turn, twist the game block 1 according to the arrow.
  4. You just won by using Monica's Five!

Every example is set-up just like the first one, in terms of;

  1. Build towards this set-up as you play the game.
  2. On your turn, place the marble..
  3. ..Make the twist..
  4. ..The win!

The Triple Power Play is very versatile and there are several ways to set it up.

Shown below is two more examples of the Triple Power Play set-up.

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