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Rating: 6 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 5 minutes

Created by: Tomas Flodén, Mårten Skoger

Published by: Carrom Art, Egmont Polska, Giseh Verlag

Alternate Names: פנטגו


Pentago is a fun, challenging and multiple award winning strategy game for kids and adults, that is both simple and sophisticated at the same time.

This is a two-player game in which the object is to create a row of five marbles, in any direction, before your opponent does, but with a twist. Each move consists of placing a marble and then twisting one of the four game blocks.

Children will gain spatial orientation, eye-hand coordination, logic and problem-solving abilities with this mind-twisting game.

Pentago comes with a snap-on plastic lid that holds all the marbles in place, while moving about or playing on the go. The game squares are "locked" into the base, with a clever mechanical Easy Turn design.

This game reimplements the well known Connect 4 with a twist: After placing a marble, the player has to twist one of the grids by 90°, thus changing the board after every turn.

Retail Price:$14
Vuoden Peli Adult Game of the Year Winner 2006
Vuoden Peli Adult Game of the Year Nominee 2006
Mensa Select Winner 2006
Årets Spill Best Family Game Nominee 2005
Årets Spel Best Adult Game Winner 2005

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  • 4 twistable 3x3 game blocks
  • 18 Black Marbles
  • 19 White Marbles


The game starts with an empty game board, consisting of the base and the four twistable game blocks. Decide marble color of each player.

To determine who goes first, disguise one of each color marble in your hands and have your opponent choose one hand. The chosen color goes first and places a marble anywhere on the game board.

Object of the Game

The object is to get five marbles in a row before your opponent does. The mind twisting part of Pentago is that each player will also twist one of the four game blocks 90 degrees (one "notch"), clockwise or counter clockwise, as part of each turn. …

In Pentago, there are four ways to connect five marbles in a row for a win. Each one is illustrated on pages 7 and 8, with a few comments on its relative strength as a play, along with some inherit advantages and disadvantages.

The game board can get infinitely complexand provide a challenge to the most logically minded people. Because Pentago is so easy to learn, beginners can play the game right away and enjoy the simpler nuances of Pentago strategy and game play. …

Below is a step-by-step guide of examples to set-up each of the four winning plays. There are many ways to build towards each formation, though we've just shown one example of each play below, except in the Triple Power Play, which is so verstaile that it cannot adequately be illustrated with just one example.

Remember that Pentago is both simple and complex at the same time, which means that it is always good if you can use a measure of deception in disguising your moves, or forcing your opponent to play defense while you build a better positional advantage. …

Pentago Multi-Player is a truly unique multi-dimensional game. Basic play is as simple as the original and award winning game 2 player Pentago.

Start on this page to learn how to play and read the rest of the guide for basic strategy tips.


  • 9 twistable 3x3 game blocks
  • Yellow marbles
  • Red marbles
  • Green marbles
  • Blue marbles


The game starts with an empty game board. You can play two, three or four individual players against each other. Or you can play two teams of two. Or you can play a team of two against one player. Decide game marker color of each player/team and who goes first. …

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