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  • 200 cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Collect the most cards by guessing whether the group's answer to a question is either over, under, or exactly the correct amount.


Pull out a stack of 20-40 cards and place them question-side up in the middle of the playing area. Put the box of cards off to the side.

Game Play

Whoever last walked under a bridge starts the game as the first question master.

When you're the question master, take the stack of cards and read aloud any one of the three questions on the top card without looking at the answer on the back.

Then all the other players decide as a group which number they think comes closest to the actual answer.

When the group announces their final answer, you must then choose whether their answer is "over" (higher), "under" (lower) or "spot on" (exactly correct).

Now look at the answer on the back of the card and announce it to the group.

  • If you chose "spot on" and were correct, you win the card and keep playing. Place it face up in front of you and read a question from the next card.

  • If you chose "over" or "under" and were correct, you win the card but your turn is over. Keep the card and pass the stack to the player on your left, who becomes the next question master.

  • If you did not choose correctly, place the card back in the box and pass the stack of cards to the left.


On your turn, you choose question 2 and read it aloud. The group decides that the answer is 150,000 miles.

You say that their answer is "under" the actual amount. You turn over the card and announce the actual amount. Since you were correct, you win the card.

End of the Game

The game continues until the stack of cards has been depleted. Whoever has the most cards wins the game.

For a longer or shorter game, draw more or fewer cards before playing.

Press-your-luck Variation

This game plays along the lines of the standard rules, except that if you guess correctly in any of the situations, you may choose to read another question from the next card.

However, if you ever make a wrong guess, you lose ALL of the cards you collected during your current turn.

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