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Rating: 5.3 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 3-6 players
Playing time: 10 minutes

Official Site: Blue Orange game page

Created by: David Boniffacy, Daniel Quodbach, David Boniffacy

Published by: Blue Orange Games, Cocktail Games, Filosofia Éditions

Alternate Names: Ouga Bouga, Uga Buga, Ugga Buuga, Ugha Bugha, Уга Буга


We return to ancient days, when man lived in caves and woman lived in adjoining caves and their language consisted of little more than grunts and gestures. Primitive though we may have been, we still dreamed of ruling over everyone else as leader of the clan!

In Ouga Bouga players need to repeat a series of guttural noises, then add to the chain. At the start of each round, players are dealt three cards face-down and those cards remain hidden; each card shows a "word" and associated illustration - "Miti" for woolly mammoth and "Atrrr" for fire.

The first player of the round lays a card in the center of the table, makes the noise, then points at another player, saying "Ha!" That player must add a card, repeat both sounds in order, then choose someone other than the player who chose him.

Some cards have actions and add a gesture such as sticking out your tongue or pounding the table.

A round ends one of two ways: (1) A player is accused of messing up, with accusers pointing at him and saying "Ho!" If the accusation is correct, the player "scores" all cards in the center, plus one card from each accuser; if not, then the accusers split the cards among themselves.

(2) A player adds his third card to the pile and correctly repeats all the sounds, ending with "Ouga Bouga!" As a reward, he distributes the cards in the center, as well as any penalty cards previously collected, among all the players.

After a round ends, every player refills his hand to three cards and another round begins. If not enough cards remain, the game ends and the player with the fewest cards wins.

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Spring Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award Winner 2013

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