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Each Trap applies on a given step. Traps make it more difficult for Wizards to escape the Library.

Brown Traps Affect Step 2

  • +2

    Immediately draw 2 extra Trap tokens from the bag.

  • Dark Night:

    The Grimoire must discard the Pages and remove the Butterfly markers at the beginning of Step 3.

  • Dusk Hallway (red filter):

    The Grimoire must place the red sheet on the Pages before placing their Butterfly markers.

  • United Butterflies:

    The Grimoire must place both Butterfly markers on or below the same Page.

  • Magical Mist:

    The Grimoire must place the printed sheet on the Pages before placing their Butterfly markers. They cannot point to anything on the printed sheet.

  • Bottom Butterfly:

    The Grimoire must place at least one Butterfly marker at the bottom of a Page. The other Butterfly marker may be placed freely.

Purple Traps Affect Step 3

  • Dark Magic:

    The Traitor may choose up to 4 cards from the card holder instead of 2.

  • Espionage:

    The Grimoire must show the Exit card to the Traitor before the Traitor picks their cards.

Green Traps Affect Step 4

  • Concealed Door:

    The card placed on Door #4 is not revealed. The Wizards may choose it as any other door, but the card won't be revealed until the end of that step.

  • Evanescent Room:

    Place the Evanescent Room on the Time Track. It replaces the Time Track completely until the end of the turn.

  • Great Room:

    The Grimoire adds an extra card from the deck (use Door 7).

  • Dangerous Room:

    When resolving Step 4, count the number of wrong doors that have been chosen by the Wizards, and remove as many Cohesion tokens from the board (place them back in the box).

  • Locked Doors:

    Instead of revealing all Illusion cards simultaneously, the Wizards reveal them one by one.

    As soon as a door is revealed, each Wizard that did not place their chip must decide whether or not they will choose this door. If they don't, they cannot place their chips on that door later in the turn. Once all Wizards have placed their chips, resolve Step 4.

    Note: if you reveal this token while the Watcher is active, after a card is revealed, count to three. Each player that chooses this door after that places their chip on it.

Special Trap: The Watcher

The Watcher Trap is not a token. It applies on each turn if the Progress Marker is on the last space of its track.

When this Trap applies, Wizards cannot communicate with each other, in any way.

Moreover, instead of placing their chip in front of a door, they simply take their chip in hand once each of them has individually decided which door they are going to try.

Once everyone has their chip in hand, all Wizards count to three, then they simultaneously place their chips in front of the door of their choice.

No Effect:

This token has no effect.

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