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Rating: 6.9 Good
Players: 2-8 players
Playing time: 40-31 minutes

Official Site: Obscurio WebPage

Created by: L'Atelier, Xavier Collette, M81 Studio

Published by: Libellud


You knew that there had to be a reason why this Library had been abandoned. People had disappeared... others had gone mad... but it was said that the Library was full of magical items and powerful artifacts, and that was enough to convince you and your fellow Wizards.

Now, you're running between endless rows of bookshelves, with a precious Grimoire under your arm, and a terrible Sorcerer hell-bent on recovering his treasure on your heels. The Library itself answers to its dark master and does all that it can to prevent you from escaping this maze: endless hallways, concealed doors, moving stairways.

Fortunately, the Grimoire is here to guide you to the exit. Its pages display phantasmagoric visions, and interpreting them correctly with the help of your friends is the key to victory.

But are they really your friends? Can you trust them all? Your instinct tells you that one of you group fell under the Sorcerer's spell, and secretly plots against you. Be careful, or you could end up wandering in this endless maze forever.

The Sorcerer is out to get you! Find your way among the illusions, but beware of the traitor in your ranks!

The Grimoire guides their team towards the exit using images, upon which they point at certain details. Working together, the other players have to find the exit as quickly as possible while avoiding picking the wrong cards.

However, a member of the team is a traitor looking to lead the other players astray. A wide variety of traps are on your way to the exit of the library, making player communication harder!

Obscurio is a family game, an original mix between an image-based communication game and a secret role game in which the players have to be careful when sharing ideas with their team.

Supported by rich contents, Obscurio proposes a fresh new experience in its genre by putting the emphasis on the details of the images and the constant doubt created by the presence of the traitor.

Communicate efficiently and avoid the illusions on your way to escape the Sorcerer's library!

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