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Variant: Vip Passengers

Once you master the basic game, you can add more of a challenge with VIP passengers. These cards add extra conditions to passengers, like "Must fly alone" or "Takes 2 seats".

During setup, form the VIP decks by shuffling the VIP passenger cards and dealing a number of them face-down next to the 3 passenger decks - Morning, Afternoon, and Evening - as indicated on the back of the card.

The table below shows how many cards are dealt in total, depending on the number of players.

2 Players3 Players4 Players5 Players
Vip Cards4567

During the maintenance phase, players decide whether to attempt serving a VIP passenger or not. VIPs are finicky fliers, so you'll want to do this when things are going well. But don't take too long - if a VIP goes unserved, they immediately file a complaint.

To attempt to serve a VIP passenger, place the top card from the VIP deck for that time of day next to the last passenger card when dealing new passengers. The VIP card stays with that passenger card until the passenger is delivered to their destination.

VIP cards must be added during their appropriate time of day (morning, afternoon, evening). If a passenger deck is empty and there is still a VIP card left for that time of day, move it to the complaint pile.

Variant: Money Hand-off

In the base game you can't spend money for another player. With this variant, you may give any number of delivered passenger cards from your money pile to another player if you're both in the same airport. This can happen during the Flight phase or the Maintenance phase.

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