Rating: 6.2 Fair
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 45 minutes

Created by: David Gregg, Conceptopolis, Thomas Deeny, Andrew Hepworth, Daniel Vendrell Oduber, Florian Stitz

Published by: Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), Galmadrin, IELLO

Alternate Names: Chainmaster, The World Arena, ナイトフォール, 吸血鬼の夜


The sun has retreated from the earth. It has been a little over a week since the last hint of light shone over the horizon, and the chaos has begun. People fear for their existence, while scientists struggle to explain the phenomenon.

Until they came.

The creatures of nightmare - vampires, werewolves, and ghouls - have begun to appear throughout the world, and they show no sign of hesitation in claiming the dark world as their own!

Nightfall - a new fast, furious and fun deck-building game from Alderac Entertainment Group. Featuring direct head-to-head combat, amazing art, a new AEG world, and unique mechanics by designer David Gregg, Nightfall will be the deck-building game to own.

Before the game begins, there is a draft to determine which cards are available for purchase, and by whom. During this draft players select two cards from the set for their personal archives, and they also select cards to put into the common area. The cards drafted into personal archives may only be purchased by the player who drafted them.

After the table has been set with the private and common cards, players begin play.

Each card has a main color and two linking colors. If you can match the main color of a card to one of the linking colors of the previous card, you can chain those cards together. Once a chain is started, players all get an opportunity to link additional cards onto the chain during that turn.

Cards in the chain resolve in reverse order: first in, last out. Instant effects fire off as cards come off the chain, doing damage to your opponents or bringing characters into play to defend you and attack your opponents.

The object of Nightfall is to put wounds into your opponents' decks and end the game with the least amount of wounds in your deck. But beware: the more wounds a person has, the more enraged they become and the faster their deck works, meaning more cards and bigger chains will come your way!

Nightfall's base set releases with starting decks of 12 cards for up to 5 players, and 24 distinct cards (7 copies of each) for drafting during play.

The box contains card dividers, and is in the same format as the much heralded Wrath of the Elements box for Thunderstone.

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Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee 2011

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You and your opponents control terrifying forces-creatures long thought to be mere folklore-each seeking to destroy the others. Your minions and actions seek to wound your rivals so that you can seize your rightful place as ruler of a ruthless, darkness-choked world.

The one who proves himself the strongest when the ashes finally settle is the victor!


  • 60 starting minion Cards
  • 84 additional minion Cards
  • 84 action Cards
  • 60 Wound Cards
  • 24 Draft Cards
  • 31 Card Dividers (to help organize the cards)
  • 3 Extra Card Dividers (for promotional cards)
  • Rulebook


Shuffle all the wound cards and place them face down in a stack near the middle of the table. Count off cards from the top of the stack equal to ten times the number of players (i.e., 30 cards for a three-player game) and turn them face up, leaving them on top of the wound stack. …

Here you can find definitions for the terms used in Nightfall. You will find these terms used in the rules and in the game text of the cards. Refer to them as needed.

Action: A subtype of order that has an instant effect when played in a chain.

Attack: To send your minions to damage another player during your combat phase.

Archive: Multiple copies of a single card type organized into a stack. Each archive starts with 7 identical cards.

Block: To defend against another player's attacking minions with your own minions. …

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