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Unless stated otherwise, all multiplayer game rules also apply to the 2-player game.

The 2-player game is played sequentially rather than simultaneously.

The start player changes every turn, i.e., the player who goes first in one turn goes second in the next turn, and vice versa. (Consequently, players are effectively taking two actions in a row).

No tiles are dealt into your hands. Instead, each turn you get a selection of face-up tiles to choose from. After both players have chosen a tile, any remaining tiles are discarded.

Preliminary Round

Shuffle the Cornerstone tiles and place 3 stacks of 3 Cornerstone tiles face down on the table. Return the remaining Cornerstone tiles to the game box.

Alternating the start player, turn the tiles of one stack face up and let each player choose one of them, discarding the third tile. Repeat this for the other two stacks.


In each Generation, shuffle the 24 tiles of that Generation and split them into 3 packs of 4 tiles and 4 packs of 3 tiles each. Place the packs face down in a row, starting with the 4-tile packs.

Each turn, take the next pack from the row and reveal the tiles. Beginning with the player who last chose a tile, each player selects exactly one tile from those revealed and takes an action with it, as detailed in the multiplayer game rules.

The remaining tiles from the pack are discarded. Repeat this process until all 7 packs have been played.


Disasters are only resolved after both players have selected a tile and the other player has taken an action with their selected tile.

Buying Missing Goods

If you are missing one or more Goods that the other player does not produce, you can buy them from the general supply for the same cost you would pay the other player. (You do not buy a Good token!

As in the multiplayer game, you just pay for the missing Good). If your opponent produces a Good, you must buy it from them rather than from the general supply.

Trade Routes

An active Trade Route reduces the cost by £1, regardless of whether you buy from your opponent or from the general supply.

With two active Trade Routes, the cost is reduced by £2 to a minimum of £1. (Buying Goods is never free of cost).

End of the Game

At the end of the game, tally your scores as normal and determine the winner.

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