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Solo & Cooperative Mode

Solo Mode

This additional game mode was unlocked during the crowdfunding campaign. While Nemesis shines as a standard, semi-cooperative game, you can also try to survive alone.

This mode has its own special Objectives deck - solo/coop Objectives. At the start of the game, draw two cards from this deck, instead of the regular Objective cards.

Note: Once the first Encounter occurs, you must choose one of these two Objective cards.

Important: In this mode, the number of items available in each room is reduced by half, rounding up (if the exploration Tokens shows 1-2 items - set the Item Counter to 1, if 3-4 -set the Item Counter to ).

To win, you must fulfill your objective and survive.

Fully Cooperative Mode

This additional game mode was unlocked during the crowdfunding campaign. It is intended for players who want to experience a fully cooperative version of the game, without having to fear betrayal from their companions.

This mode has its own special Objectives deck - solo/coop Objectives. At the start of the game, draw one card per player, instead of the regular Objective cards.

To win the game, ALL these Objectives must be fulfilled and at least 1 Character must survive.

Note: If there is one card requiring you to send the Signal - only one Character must do it. If there are two or more such requirements - that many Cha racters must send the Signal!


In this fully cooperative mode, the Emergency Room is equipped with a specialized AutoDoc device, allowing the crew to revive any near-death person.

Whenever one of the Characters dies, another Character might pick up their Corpse token and carry it to the working Emergency Room.

A player whose Corpse is in the Emergency Room places their Character miniature there at the start of the turn. All their Light Wounds are discarded, and all their Serious Wounds are Dressed. Important: the Emergency Room doe s not work if there's an Intruder or a Malfunction token in it.

Playing as an Intruder

This mode is intended to allow the first eliminated player to keep on playing the game by controlling the Intruders . It also slightly increases the difficulty level for all the remaining players. Note that this mode is optional.

The player whose Character dies first gets to control the Intruders infesting the ship and can hunt down the other players.

Important : Only one player takes over the Intruders - the first one to lose their Character. If two Characters die simultaneously, the player with the lower player number gets to control them.


The player controlling the Intruders removes all their former Character 's components from the game . They shuffle the special Intruder Player Action deck and place it in front of them.

Then, finish the current Turn according to the standard rules. Any changes are applied only at the start of the next Player Phase.

Player Phase

  1. Draw Action Cards - the Intruder player draws 3 cards. Their hand limit is 4 cards.

  2. First Player Token - the Intruder player is omitted during this phase (they never take the First Player token).

  3. Player Rounds - the Intruder player follows the standard order of play for playing their rounds, but they can only take 1 Action (by playing a card from their hand) or pass.

When passing, the Intruder player may choose keep 1 card from their hand and discard the rest. During their round, the Intruder Player can play an Intruder Action card in one of the three following ways:

  1. Move - Move any Intruder through a Corridor with a number matching the one printed on the Intruder Action card.

    Note: If the Intruder moves to a Technical Corridor, proceed according to the standard rules.

  2. Attack - Choose any Intruder in the same Room as a Character.

    The Intruder attacks that Character, following the standard rules, with one exception: the Intruder player draws a number of Intruder Attack cards equal to the number displayed on the Player Intruder card played this round.

    Then, they choose 1 of these cards to be resolved and put all the others at the bottom of the Intruder Attack deck.

  3. Effect - resolve the effect described on the Intruder Action card.

Event Phase

Almost all of the entire Event Phase is omitted, with the exception of the Time Track and Fire Damage.

Time Track: Just like in the standard rules, move the Time marker and Self-Destruct marker (if active) 1 space to the right.

Fire Damage: Just like in the standard rules, every Intruder in a Room with a Fire marker suffers 1 Injury.

Note: All the other steps do not apply in this mode! Specifically:

  • Intruders do not attack at the end of the Turn (but they still make Surprise Attacks during Encounters or when Characters Escape from Rooms with Intruders).

  • Event cards are not used unless as a result of Intruder Player Action card effects.

  • There is no Intruder Bag Development step.

Victory condition: The player controlling the Intruders cannot fully win the game. Their goal is to ensure that no other players wins. After all , if you have already lost, you better make sure all the other players get the same treatment!

Alternative Side of the board

This additional ship layout was unlocked during the crowdfunding campaign.

It is printed on the back side of the board . While working as a normal ship board, it is primarily designed for campaign play. You can use it in any game mode, but keep in mind that it is more difficult to survive on it.

One of the features of this ship layout is the double set of Technical Corridors. They work as usual, but each one is not connected to the other (any Noise marker in the "red" Technical Corridors is separate from the "blue" Technical Corridors).

Another feature is that some of the Rooms are connected to another Room through a pair of Corridors. They are separate from each other, so any Closed Doors in one Corridor do not affect the other.

During Game Setup, place the Evacuation sections A and B face up on the highlighted spot on the above map. Place an Exploration token face down on each section (when a Character enters these Rooms for the first time, proceed with the standard Exploration procedure).

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