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During each of their rounds, players can perform various Actions. There are 4 groups of Actions in the game:

  1. Basic Actions
  2. Actions from Action cards
  3. Actions from Item cards
  4. Actions from Room tiles

Action Icons

Action Cost

Each Action displays an Action icon. The number in any given Action icon indicates the Cost of performing the given Action. In order to pay the Cost, the player must discard the exact number of any chosen

Action cards from their hand. Discarded cards are placed face up in the discard pile.

Important: Even though they're included in the Action deck, Contamination cards are not Action cards. They cannot be discarded from your hand to pay any Action Cost.

Contamination cards represent the exhaustion of your Character and sometimes something even worse.

In Combat Only/out Of Combat Only

Some of the Actions and Items specify when they may be used:

in Combat Only - The Character may perform this Action only in Combat. A Character is considered to be in Combat if there is an Intruder in their Room. Eggs do not count as Intruders.

out Of Combat Only - The Character may perform this Action only when they are NOT in Combat.

If a given Action is not marked by any of the symbols above, that means this Action may be performed both in Combat and out of it.

1. Basic Actions

Each Character has the same set of Basic Actions. These Actions are al - ways available for each Character , as long as they meet their conditions.

A detailed description of these Actions is given below.

  • Movement

    move your Character miniature to the neighboring Room, applying all the Movement basic rules.

  • Careful Movement

    works exactly like Movement, but instead of performing a Noise roll after moving, place a Noise marker in a chosen Corridor connected to the Room you are entering.

    If there is a Noise marker in all the Corridors connected to the Room you want to move to, you cannot perform a Careful Movement. You cannot perform Careful Movement if you are in Combat.

    Any given Corridor may never hold more than 1 Noise marker. ore on Movement, Noise rolls and Noise markers.

  • Shoot

    attack an Intruder with a Weapon placed in your Character's Hand, discarding an Ammo marker from that Weapon's cad. You can only Shoot Intruders in the same Room as your Character.

  • Melee Attack

    attack an Intruder with your bare hands (or anything you can improvise). You can only attack Intruders in the same Room as your Character.

  • Pick Up Heavy Object

    Pick Up 1 Heavy Object present in the Room you are in. It can be a Character Corpse, an Intruder Carcass or an Intruder Egg.

    Note: When you Search and find Heavy Items, you are not required to use this Action. This Action applies only to Objects.

  • Trade

    start a trade with all Characters in the same Room as your Character.

    Players may now show each other any Item cards and Objects they want to trade. If both involved players agree on the transaction, they exchange the items. Even though several players may take part in the Trade, the only player that performs the Action is the one that started it.

    A player can choose to give an Item card or Object without asking anything in return.

    Note: Characters cannot exchange Ammo.

  • Craft Item

    discard 2 Item cards showing the appropriate blue Craft icons to gain a Crafted Item card with the same Craft icons (but in gray color) as the Items you have discarded.

    A Crafted Item cannot be built if its card is not available, even if you have the required blue components.

2. Actions from Action Cards

Each Character has its own, partially unique set of 10 Action cards representing the Actions which can be performed by this Character.

The description of each Action is detailed on the corresponding Action card.

To perform an Action from an Action card, discard this card from your hand (face up) and pay its Cost.

Important : in this case, the Cost of an Action is the number of Action cards you must discard from your hand, in addition to the Action card with the +performed Action.

If an Action card contains two sections separated by [OR], the player chooses the one they want to perform.

Example of an Action Card:

Here, we have a Captain Action card - Basic Repairs.

  1. It shows an "Out of Combat Only" icon. This means that this Action cannot be performed in Combat.

  2. Action Cost. In this case, to perform Basic Repairs, the player must discard 2 additional Action cards from their hand.

  3. Action Effect.

  4. Shows that this Action can be performed in one of two ways: either to discard the Malfunction marker from a Room OR to Repair / Break one of the Engines.

3. Actions from Item Cards

Some Item cards allow a Character to perform specific Actions. Their description is provided on the Item cards.

4. Actions from Room Tiles

Most of the Rooms allow a Character to perform a specific Action. The description of each Room Action is provided on the Room sheet.

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