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The rules of the 3-player game still apply, but a neutral player is played collectively by both players. This neutral player does not score points; however, players will be able to use it to block their opponent.

At the beginning of each season (Phase 1), each player takes 11 of their own cubes and 4 cubes of a same neutral color. Choose a passing disk the same color for the neutral player and place it on space 2 of the passing scale.

As a consequence, during the game, the first player who will pass will always win the draws opposing them to the other player and the neutral player, whereas the player who will not pass first, being ranked third on the scale, will always lose the draws.

During the excavation phase (Phase 2), the player plays normally, then they may use their neutral cubes to start a new neutral excavation (action A), or extend a pre-existing neutral excavation (action B), following the cube placing rules. The neutral player cannot benefit from the patrons' powers.

During the survey phase (Phase 3), when the neutral player is ranked first or second in an area, it must automatically choose a card (in other words, it never places cubes in the Museum). The card is chosen according to the ranking in the area:

  • If the neutral player is ranked first, the player who is ranked third (or the unranked player, if both players are not in the area) chooses the neutral player's card.

  • If the neutral player is ranked second, the player who is ranked first chooses the neutral player's card.

  • The cards chosen by the neutral player are permanently discarded.

  • If the neutral player is alone in an area, both cards are permanently discarded.

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