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Q: When I use a character, can I leave it on its starting point?

A: No!! When a character is used, it must move at least one hex and cannot end his movement on the same hex from which it started.

Q: When I move a character, can I cross hexes on which another character is standing?

A: Yes!! The characters do not block movement.

But ending movement on a hex on which another character stands is not possible, unless the detective means to accuse a character!!!

Q: When I use a character, do I have to use his/her ability?

A: Most of the abilities are mandatory. In this case, you have to use it, whether you like it or not.

The only optional abilities are those of Sir William Gull, - who can exchange his location with another character instead of moving - and of Miss Stealthy - who can cross obstacles during her movement.

Q: Can Watson use his lantern to illuminate a character on the other side of an obstacle?

A: No!! Obstacles (shut-off gaslights, gardens, buildings) stop the light from Watson's lantern.

Reminder: Watson doesn't illuminate himself. He can be in the darkness and illuminate other characters.

Q: What happens if the detective guesses who Jack is but doesn't manage to catch him before the end of the last turn?

A: Jack is lucky... His real identity is uncovered, but it is too late and he has managed to flee. Jack wins the game.

Q: Is it possible, for one of the players, to make characters other than Jack leave the district?

A: No!! Only the player playing Jack is allowed to move a character outside the district by an unblocked exit. And this character must be Jack!!

Q: If I play Jack, what is the point of using Sherlock Holmes ability?

A: Even if you play Jack, using Sherlock Holmes allows you to draw an alibi card. The character you get in this way cannot be proved innocent by the detective except through deduction... which makes the investigation harder!!

Q: Is it possible to use the sewers to take characters closer to Goodley when using his whistle?

A: No!! The movement to get closer must take place «above ground» and without any use of a special ability!!

Q: Is it possible to use Goodley's special ability to move Jack's token onto another character and then accuse him?

A: No!! To accuse a character, the investigator must move onto Jack's hex, and not the opposite.

Using Goodley's whistle to bring the suspect closer is allowed, and it can then allow a character to accuse him after that.

Q: What does «bringing characters closer to Goodley» exactly mean?

A: All characters moved with Goodley's ability must end their movement on a hex closer to Goodley than the one on which they started.

(The distance between two hexes is calculated by the number of street hexes, not as the crow flies).

Q: Is it possible to close or open a manhole under a character?

A: Yes!! The manholes can open and/or close under a character's feet (in fact, although on the same hex, the character is «next» to the manhole and it allows or blocks access to the underground sewers depending on its state).

Q: Is it possible to make a character enter or exit the sewers by a manhole on which another character is standing?

A: Yes!! But stopping on the hex is not allowed, except to make an accusation.

Q: Can players play side by side?

A: Yes!! The players can also choose to play side by side.

This allows them both to see the district picture in the upright position. In this case, the detective sits on the right, next to the vertical yellow edge, while Jack sits on the left, next to the vertical grey edge.

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