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  • 106 U-BUILD Bricks
  • 4 Mouse Marbles
  • 1 Trap Part
  • 1 Space Boot Part
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Gameboard
  • 4 Small Cardboard Cheese Hills
  • 1 Large Cardboard Cheese Mountain
  • 1 Label Sheet
  • Assembly Guide
  • 8 Walls


  1. Follow the instructions in the separate assembly guide to build your game before you start playing!

  2. Pick a color: green, red, blue or white. Sit closest to that color cheese plate. Take your matching color mouse marble and spaceship. Place the spaceship on either of your color landing circles.

    Place your mouse on top of your spaceship. All other players do the same.

  3. Your mouse stays in its section of the gameboard unless a roll of the die directs you to move it.

  4. Place the Space Boot and the Trap near the gameboard.

Object of the Game

It's a cheese race in space - on the moon! Collect cheese bricks by knocking them over when you launch your mouse off the large Cheese Mountain or the Cheese Hills. Any time you knock over a cheese brick put it on your color cheese plate - it's yours to keep.

The first player to collect 10 cheese bricks on their cheese plate is the cheese champ!

Game Play

Youngest player goes first. Play passes to the left.

On each turn, do the following:

  1. Roll the die and follow its directions.
  2. Launch your mouse.
  3. Collect any cheese bricks you knock over.
  4. Return your mouse to its spaceship

1. Roll The Die

If you roll the cheese brick, move any cheese brick to any cheese space. Yes, you can stack cheese on cheese. Now LAUNCH YOUR MOUSE.

If you roll the spaceship, you may fly your mouse & spaceship to any other landing circle, anywhere on the gameboard. Stay in this area until you roll another spaceship. Now LAUNCH YOUR MOUSE.

If you roll the Trap, place the Trap over any other player's mouse. If it's already trapping someone, you may leave it there or move it onto someone else! Now LAUNCH YOUR MOUSE.

Hey! what happens when my mouse is trapped?

If - on your turn - you're trapped, you still roll the die!

  • If you roll the Trap, follow the directions above.

  • If you don't roll the Trap, you can remove the Trap from your mouse and place the Trap off to the side, but you cannot do anything else. Your turn is over.

If you roll Cheese Mountain, you will get extra launch options! See the gray boxed section under LAUNCH YOUR MOUSE.

2. Launch Your Mouse

It's time to go for the cheese!

Remove your mouse from its spaceship and place it on the orange top of the small Cheese Hill closest to your spaceship (or the top of Cheese Mountain if you rolled that on the die).

Use the Space Boot to launch your mouse off the orange top. Figure 1 shows a couple of ways to use the Space Boot, or you can come up with your own! If you miss the mouse, keep trying until you successfully "boot" your mouse off the hill.

If you were lucky enough to have rolled Cheese Mountain, you have two places you can launch your mouse from! You can either:

  • "boot" your mouse off the top of Cheese Mountain (as described above) OR
  • rotate the mountain & roll your mouse down the slide (as shown here).

3. Collecting Cheese

Any cheese bricks that your mouse knocks out of their holes are yours to keep! Put the cheese bricks on your cheese plate and place your mouse back on its spaceship. It's the next player's turn.

  • Even if a cheese brick is only partway out of a hole, you still keep it.

  • If you collect a stack of cheese, count each cheese brick separately (so a stack of 2 cheese bricks would give you 2 out of the 10 you need to win). The size of each individual cheese brick does not matter; in this game, all cheese is created equal.

  • Any cheese bricks on your plate are yours to keep. No one can collect cheese bricks on your cheese plate.

  • If your mouse knocks any other mice off of their spaceships, you get to collect any cheese bricks those mice knocked over. Return the mice to their spaceships.

  • If you knock over any piece of Cheese Mountain or a Cheese Hill, return it to where it was.

End of the Game

If you're the first player to collect 10 cheese bricks, you win! Gouda job!

Change Your Game

Love to play but want to change things up?

Want more ideas? You got it!

  • For very hungry mice, play until ALL the cheese bricks have been collected. The player with the most cheese bricks wins!

  • First one to clear all the cheese bricks from their color section of the gameboard is the winner!

  • Launch from any orange brick in your color section of the gameboard.

  • For a faster game, start off the game by taking half the cheese bricks out of their normal spots and building them onto the cheese bricks that are still on the gameboard - so that all the pieces are stacks of two cheese bricks.

    Just make sure there is an equal number of cheese bricks in each section of the board.

  • Customize how you setup the board by building the cheese bricks into unique bridges or designs before you start the game!

    If you use up quite a few cheese bricks on a single sculpture, try assigning point values to each masterpiece (so you don't win the whole game with one hit).

    The player with the most points wins, after you knock them all down.

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