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For Younger Players

If playing with younger children one or also both dice can be omitted. Also the number of twin monsters can be reduced. In case of a mistake or a wrong guess it is the next player's/next team's turn.

For Two Players

If only two players are in the game they work as a team and try to find all the monsters needing as few rounds as possible.

The two players take turns describing and guessing. As described before the features that mustn't be said are determined by the dice before each round.

How many rounds do you need to get all monsters?

  • 8 rounds or less: Monsterously! You know each monster by heart!

  • 9-12 rounds: Well done! Many protruding eyes and a big mouth are helpful...

  • 13-17 rounds: Not bad! You have seen a monster before, right?

  • 18 rounds or more: Try again! By the way, the monsters are the colorful creatures on the cards...!

For Three Players

If three people play, the players take turns in explaining in each round. The two other players search for the twins and also have only one try.

Who touches the correct card first gets it - and the describing player gets the twin card which he has just described successfully.

If a player guesses wrongly no more hints are given - and the other player also has to guess.

  • If he is right he gets one of the twin cards as described above and the describing player gets the other card.

  • If both players guessed wrongly or a forbidden feature was said the drawn monster card is put back under the pile.

The rest of the game is played as described in the 4 players and more version. In the end the highest pile wins.

Monster Memo

It is also possible to play a simple memory game.

For this shuffle the cards and spread them face down on the table. Now turn around one red and one blue card.

If a player finds a couple he takes it and it is his turn again. If he turns around two different monsters these are turned over again and it is the next player's turn. For this version the dice and the hourglass are not needed.

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