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The dice determine which parts of the body or features must not be mentioned. They also may not be described or hinted at. If the team members ask questions about current forbidden characteristics the explainer is not allowed to answer them!

If done so anyway the current card must be put back under the pile and the next one is drawn. That is why the opponent team(s) should always pay full attention!


It is not allowed to describe if something is fat, skinny, big, small, short, broad, slender, etc.


The number of body parts may not be mentioned, that means no figures and words like: one, none, many, few, some,...

  • Singular and plural are allowed like ,,horn/horns" (unless "horns and ears" are not forbidden)
  • If "eyes" are forbidden it is not allowed to say "eyebrow" or "brow" or "pupil".


If the players are not able to reach an agreement if a twin couple is counted or not all players cast their vote to decide this. During these discussions the hour glass is laid down (put to pause) in order to stop the time from running.

Of course it is up to each game round to agree on house rules which will be valid during the game.

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