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Object of the Game

Make more money than to win. Try to defeat him on each of the difficulty settings. The game ends immediately once there are no improvements left to buy.

  • You score normally.

  • scores by multiplying the value of his improvements by six (a single Repurposer will be worth 24 for him) and then adding the money in his Vault and the money in his Wallet.


Set the game up as in multiplayer, then:

  1. Give :

    • His own Vault
    • for his Wallet
    • The single player chip
    • The card 2
  2. Set aside a place next to the card to stack improvements he buys (he doesn't get a Factory Board).

  3. Adjust the difficulty by adding money [email protected]'s Vault:

Game Play

The game plays like the multiplayer version, except gets his own turn after yours.

1. Start the Workday

Run your factory.

2. Your Turn

  • Sell Bots
  • Buy Improvements
  • Make Bots
  • Rotate the Shop (and put out a new improvement)

3. 's Turn

Flip the single player chip. buys an improvement:

After flipping the single player chip, will try to buy an improvement from the Shop based on which side the chip landed:

We only have one factory running this month, but my records indicate humans thrive off competition. Thus, I will be your rival. Beat my score or FACE

Stack any improvements buys next to his card. He doesn't have a factory, but he'll get lots of points for high-value improvements, so be careful about which ones you let him have!

Rotate the Shop (and put out a new improvement)

4. End the Workday

  • Refresh Blueprints (if any were completed)

  • Start a New Workday

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