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Q: Do improvements need to face forward?

No! Improvements don't need to face forward. They can be installed and rotated in any direction.

It will often be useful to install improvements like the Gift Wrapper facing up or down.

You can even install improvements backward, but be careful-bots follow the arrows on the conveyor belts, and when a bot is carried into an improvement exit or the flat side of an improvement, the bot is destroyed.

You'll want lots of Forks to direct bots properly into and out of backwards improvements.

Q: Do bots for blueprints need to be in the same truck?

No. The bots you use to complete a blueprint have to come from your Trucks, but they can come from different Trucks.

Q: Does the card move between players?

No. The first player doesn't change throughout the game.

Q: Can I move improvements once I've installed them?

No, but you may demolish (discard) any improvements in your factory to free up space. If you demolish an improvement, put it in the Recycler but do not take its recycling value. Any bots on it are destroyed.

Q: What if I run out of Forks or Trucks?

In the end, you can always keep the best bots you get.

Forks and Trucks cannot run out. All demolished Forks and Trucks are placed back into the box (and can be bought again). If all Forks or Trucks are in use, place a recycled improvement face down to stand in for the missing Fork or Truck.

Q: How do bots go from one conveyor belt to another?

Downgraders, Duplicators, and Forks all can send bots from one conveyor belt to the one above it or below it.

Even though the picture doesn't show the belt connecting, the bots will still transfer to the new conveyor belt! The bots will continue moving until they reach a hole.

Q: What if my improvement doesn't fit?

If an improvement won't At in your factory due to another improvement's exit or flat side getting in the way, you can't install the new improvement.

You can either demolish the old improvement and install the new one, or recycle the new improvement.

Q: Help! I have more bots than I have room for!

Sometimes you might receive more bots than you have room for.

You can always put bots from Overactive Fabricators and recycling in any holes in your Start Zone, including ones that already have bots in them (replacing the existing bot).

When your Fabricator produces a bot but its hole is already full, you choose which bot to keep.

Q: What order does my factory run in?

All the bots in your factory move at the same time.

To help you remember which bots you've already moved, we recommend you move the bots on the right side of your factory first, top to bottom.

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