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Rating: 6.6 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 0 minutes

Created by: Andrew Looney

Published by: Looney Labs

Alternate Names: Looney Ludo


Martian Coasters is an Icehouse game playable with a single Treehouse set, a set of Martian Coasters (each with a colored 3x3 maze printed on it), and a standard d6.

The coasters are arranged in a square and the pieces are placed on differently-colored coasters.

The objective is to move the pieces of your color through the maze printed on the coasters and onto a goal square at the center of your coaster.

The game additionally makes use of the Treehouse die, allowing the players to reorient and move the coasters, creating a constantly changing maze.

The game is also playable by 5, with an expansion coaster. The coaster was sent to the Looney Labs Christmas Mailing List in 2006, and was later made available for sale on the Looney Labs web site.

Retail Price:$0
5th Martian Coaster

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