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The Arctic Queen

Secret base location: Glacier Bay, U.S.A.

A solitary and introspective figure, the Arctic Queen seeks to usher in a new planetary Ice Age. Her lackeys, Sabra & Sable, are genetically engineered sabre-tooth tigers, imbued with supernatural intelligence by the Arctic Queen's magic.

  • Strength: Exceptional Smilodons

    Your Lackey is exceptional (use the "Exceptional" Sabra & Sable card).

  • Weakness: Suspicion and Discord

    If your contract team includes more than one henchmen type, the target value is increased: +1 for 2 types, +2 for 3 types, +3 for 4 types.

Pachacuti JR

Secret base location: Machu Picchu, Peru

A reincarnated Incan emperor, Pachacuti Jr. draws his magical power from the sun and has grand designs to "restructure" our solar system. His lackey is the beautiful and enigmatic Priestess Quilla, rumored to be over five centuries old.

  • Strength: Solar Power

    Prior to rolling trait dice, exhaust Pachacuti Jr. to reduce the target value by 1; or exhaust both Pachacuti & Priestess Quilla to reduce target by 3.

  • Weakness: Heretical Dogma

    Each time you succeed at a contract, you must lose a total of 2 attraction points.


Secret base location: The Acropolis, Greece

Gorgonex is a horrifying hybrid of the legendary Minotaur and Medusa. Created by forgotten gods to punish humanity's loss of faith. His lackey is the murderous Basilisk - a pitiful creature of low wit and lethal temperament.

  • Strength: Intimidation

    At the start of the Henchmen Phase, gain 1 Attraction Point in any category.

  • Weakness: Pitiless Contempt

    Your henchmen may never discard Injury tokens. If one of your henchmen gains a second Injury, they are immediately Captured.

Dr. Hominoid

Secret base location: Madagascar

A brilliant scientist and militant environmentalist, Dr. Hominoid wishes to eradicate mankind and allow the Earth to heal. His lackey is the exceedingly clever but somewhat capricious Mr. Jones.

  • Strength: Evil Genius

    Start the game with 2 Scheme cards, and draw 1 at the start of Rounds 2 & 3.

  • Weakness: Incompetent Assistant

    Your Lackey is incompetent (use the "Incompetent" Mr. Jones card).

Empress Ishii

Secret base location: Mount Fuji, Japan

Empress Ishii is one of the most devious criminal overlords on the planet. She and her adopted daughter, Ninja Girl, train their army of thieves & geisha-assassins deep within the bowels of Mount Fuji.

  • Strength: Criminal Network

    When active player, you may spend 1 week to gain $2 (as many times as you wish).

  • Weakness: Perfectionism

    Hard contracts cost +1 week to attempt. Legendary contracts cost +2 weeks to attempt.

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