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Unique Supervillain Strengths and Weaknesses

Each Supervillain has a unique strength and weakness; these are optional abilities that you can adopt into your game to further individualize each Supervillain. You may use these in a variety of ways.

If you want the Supervillains to feel powerful and effective, have everyone use their strengths (but ignore the weaknesses).

If you want the game to be more challenging, have everyone use their weaknesses (but ignore the strengths).

If you want the"full", but also most complex experience, then have everyone use both their unique strength and weakness.

Your Lackey is incompetent (use the "Incompetent" Mr. Jones caid).

You can even vary usage between players, with some using their Supervillain strength while others use their weakness, etc. This can be an effective way to handicap some players, such as your annoying older brother or life-long nemesis.


Do you want the ending of your game to feel more epic? During Set-Up, randomly deal one Finale card to each player. Players should keep these hidden from each other.

Finales provide a short list of secret objectives that will earn you bonus Infamy at the end of the game if you successfully complete them. Several objectives require that you succeed at 2+ Brawn, Stealth, Intellect, or Magic contracts.

To track this information during the course of the game, players should keep any Contract cards that they successfully complete (perhaps storing them under their Finale card).

During end-game scoring, after players have received their Infamy bonus from money, each player should reveal their Finale card and resolve them in player order: this constitutes the Finale Phase.

You receive a certain number of Infamy points for each objective you meet. The 4th objective on the Finale card is always a final contract (which includes a "recommended trait"). Before attempting this contract, refresh all of your henchmen and Supervillain.

For this contract, your required team size is 3 henchmen; if you don't have this many henchmen to assign, you automatically fail the contract. You may activate Contract rooms as per the normal rules while completing this final contract.

Players are also allowed to use Scheme cards during this phase, again following the normal rules (e.g., only one negative effect can be played against you). Assign your team, collect your trait dice, and roll. If you match or exceed the target, you receive the Infamy bonus for completing this final contract.

Once all players have resolved their Finales and received any bonuses from completed objectives, the player with the most Infamy wins the game.

Example: Resolving a Finale

It is the end of the game. Dave reveals his Finale card: Transform into an Omnipotent Superbrain. He ends the game with 5 henchmen (shown). He has 2 Scientists and so satisfies the first objective, receiving 4 Infamy.

Only one of his henchmen (Zero Prime) has an Injury, so he does not receive the second bonus. He has not completed 2 or more Intellect contracts (not shown), so he does not receive the third bonus.

He decides to send Ninja Girl, Amok, and Gray Matter on his final contract. He collects 4 Brawn dice for Amok, 5 Intellect dice for Gray Matter, and chooses 1 Intellect die for Ninja Girl.

He rolls and gets a total of 8 successes. Since Ninja Girl is on the team, he gets a re-roll! He re-rolls 4 of the dice, and now ends up with 12 successes. The target was 11, so he succeeds. He receives a final bonus of 7 Infamy for this.

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