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Strategy Tips

The Humans are trying to figure out who is a Werewolf, while Werewolves are pretending to be Villagers and trying to throw suspicion on real Villagers.

The Seer is trying to throw suspicion on any Werewolf he discovers, but without revealing himself (if he does, the Werewolves will certainly kill him at night, since he is their greatest threat).

Obviously the Seer can make himself known at any time, if he thinks it's worthwhile, by announcing his identity (He cannot show his card!). Watch out though: a Werewolf could also claim to be the Seer!

Players agreeing a lot are really suspicious, and remember: accusing someone of being a werewolf is suspicious, not accusing anyone: it's even more suspicious!

Playing Tips

  • During the first night, it is recommended that the Moderator is chosen to be slaughtered by the Werewolves. This way, the Werewolves do not choose randomly, and each player has a chance to play one whole turn.

    During the first night, the Werewolves open their eyes to identify each other, but they do not choose a victim.

    The moderator will announce at the beginning of the first day that he is dead: the players must now choose someone to lynch, basing their decisions on the information available to the seer - and to the Werewolves...

  • Tapping one hand on the table helps cover accidental sounds that may be caused inadvertently by the players during nighttime.

    Use only one hand, and keep the other free so that you can use it to point at other players, if you need to.

  • The Moderator should stay in the center of the group and, at night, he should talk towards the center of the table, and not towards any particular player, so he doesn't give away any clues.

    Moreover, he should avoid switching between pronouns such as "he" or "she", and be as generic as possible.

  • If you are playing with a very large group, or not around a table, there is a chance that it is uncomfortable to vote by placing a token in front of another player. In this case, during the voting to choose the suspected players, you can simply point at the player instead of using the tokens.

    The players receiving votes can record how many votes they get by simply using their fingers, keeping them clearly visible to all. Ghosts discard their voting token: when voting to lynch, use the voting tokens as usual.

    Suspected players do not vote, and to show this clearly, they can cover their token with the evidence card.

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