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The following notes and queries from our generals on the front line are intended to guide new recruits through the finer points of Lincoln.

Question: Are cards permanently removed only if they are used for the action at the top of the card?

If a card is used for any other function (to 'pay' for the action at the top of a card, to use one of the icons lower down, or if using the card's text), is that card merely discarded?

Answer: Yes, you only permanently remove a card if you build the top part (i.e. if you deploy the unit). Cards you 'pay' with, or use for any other purpose, are discarded but not permanently removed.

Question: If you have a stack of armies and forts may your opponent look at what is in the stack?

Answer: Yes.

Question: May you look at your opponent's discarded cards and permanently removed cards?

Answer: No.

Question: You can only deploy units in a location that you control. When is a location 'controlled' as opposed to 'contested'?

Answer: You control a location if it is your army's color (i.e. blue for the Union player) and no enemy units are there.

You also control a location if you have units or one of your control flags in a location and no enemy units are present. A contested location contains enemy units as well as your own (each side occupying one half-location).

Question: Can you move an army through a contested location?

Answer: Not through it, but you can move into it. You must cease movement if you enter an enemy occupied or enemy controlled location.

Question: When you deploy an army or fort, it can be placed in either half of the location. The rules state that forts cannot move, so can only take part in combat if their half of the location is attacked. So could I deploy a fort in each separate half of a location?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If an enemy unit is moved into the other half of a location I have units in, do I immediately move my own units into the half of the location under attack?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If the Union player controls the top half of Richmond, and the Confederate player withdraws to the bottom half, is Richmond cut off as a supply source for all but the Confederate units in the bottom half of Richmond (because all of the rail connections run through the top half)?

Answer: Yes.

Question: A unit cannot withdraw via a half-location that has enemy units in it (so where the rail links feed into a location is important).

Following on from the previous question, if the Confederate units in the bottom half of Richmond had to retreat after being attacked by Union forces in the top half of Richmond, could they retreat at all because all of the rail lines into and out of Richmond are via the top (Union controlled) half?

Answer: No, they would not be able to retreat, so are removed from play.

Question: Are the VPs shown on the Blockade track cumulative?

Answer: No, you gain only the number of VPs shown beside the space occupied on the track.

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