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  • Blockade Runner/draft

    This is a free action, so does not count towards your limit of two actions.

    Draw three cards from your deck. Note that if you have more cards than your hand size at the end of your turn then you retain all of your cards. You are not forced to discard any.

  • Cavalry Raid

    Play as an action. The other player must randomly discard two cards from their hand.

    The effect of this card can be negated if your opponent immediately plays a Cavalry Raid card in reply, effectively as an interrupt. If he does so, he immediately draws a replacement card.

  • High Ground

    This is marked as a benefit, which means it is played in conjunction with another action. You may play this card when engaged in combat as the de- fender.

    Play it after your opponent has played his card face down, but before he reveals it. This card may be played in addition to the card you play for its Leadership value.

  • Paper Money/cotton Bonds

    Play as an action. You may deploy two units by playing the corresponding two cards from your hand. You do not discard any additional cards to pay for their deployment.

    However, the two deployed cards are discarded or permanently removed from play in the same manner as the standard rules for deploying units (a '1' strength army card goes into your discard pile, others are permanently removed).

  • Rail Movement

    You may move one or two army counters to locations that you are legally connected to. The units may start and end in different locations.

    You cannot move them into enemy occupied locations, thus you cannot instigate combat. You may still move into an enemy controlled location that has no ene- my counters in.

    Note that if you moved into such a location with your first counter, the second counter could be moved through this newly controlled location to one further beyond.

  • Reinforcements

    You can play this card if you are the defender, in the same way as a High Ground card. This allows you to move one army counter from an adjacent location that is connected by rail.

    If the attacker has just entered the location then you can use any rail link to enter the location.

    If the attacker is already in the location then you can only use a rail link if it connects to the half of the location presently occupied by your own army counters. You cannot use this card if you are the attacker.

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